10 Things That Add Luxury To Your Home

November 25, 2019

Have you ever played a game where you pretend that you have all the money in the world? Maybe you go online and search for luxury holidays, but maybe you head to real estate websites and start looking at impossibly expensive, luxury houses that you will never afford but look so.darn.good. There’s something so fun about searching for housing that you can never afford unless you win the lottery. It’s the fact you’re immersing yourself in total luxury that may never be for you, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t pretend for five minutes, right?

The epitome of luxury in a home depends on the interior – rather than the exterior. The exterior of some properties can be so boring and plain, making you wonder why the price tag is so high. And then you see the extravagant, opulent interior. Think indoor pool. Think butler’s pantry. Think separate walk-in shower room. It’s all a lot of lovely luxury and it makes us drool!

When people hear the word luxury, they don’t think about run-down areas or houses requiring patching up. They think about the amenities inside the home that make them feel spoiled and lavished upon. Conveniences not found in “regular” homes are found in the luxury alternatives, such as in-home gyms and saunas, tennis courts and kitchens that are loaded with the latest and greatest appliances. Luxury home buyers are generally looking for things that are outside the box, which means that when you are looking to add luxury to your home, you want to follow in their footsteps.

You and your home deserve the very best in luxury items, whether that’s designer wallpaper or Bazaar Velvet carpeting in every room. There are so many different ways that you can add luxury to your home, you just have to know where to look for the things that will really give it an extravagant touch. With that in mind, let’s take a look at ten different luxury ideas that your home will benefit from when you head out with your wallet in hand! PS: these luxury suggestions come with a much more adequate price tag! 

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An Impressive Way To Make An Entrance

You don’t need pillars of stone outside the house to make an impression on others, though it does help. However you do need to consider a light, airy, open plan structure that will give you the luxury you want for your house. The amount of light that an open plan area can achieve is stunning, and when the main entrance of your home opens into a foyer or a small hall, you can achieve that grand effect without needing to spend too much cash. A small and pokey hallway looks dark and closed-off, which definitely does NOT embody a luxury look.

A Smart Home?

For all the upgrades that you can give your home, making it smarter is probably the best thing that you can do for it. We may be living a life which is increasingly swarming with technological breakthroughs, but have you considered how much your house will benefit from those breakthroughs? The luxury home is now one that can anticipate your needs. Consider how your refrigerator could help you to make a shopping list. Or how your doorbell can become a smart camera to tell you who is knocking. Trying to bake but need to check the recipe? Ask Alexa to check it for you! The smart home is a luxury home, and there are plenty of gadgets that you can add to make it the perfect one that you want. At the touch of a button your doors, windows, temperature and lights can all be properly controlled. The best thing about it is that builders are becoming more and more awake to the growing trends in smart housing. You can easily find the right professional to come in and upgrade your home because there are enough of them now who know how to bring your home to the 21st century.

Kitchen Love

Whether you are in a luxury house or not, you need a kitchen that you can love. Let’s think about this carefully: what would be perfect in your kitchen that steps you from the ordinary to the extraordinary? Think wine cellars and warming drawers. Think talking refrigerators. Think a walk-in pantry that stays temperature controlled. These things are going to all contribute to what you need for a kitchen that oozes affluence. A kitchen filled with the best, most luxurious appliances and equipment is exactly what you need for a little piece of opulence!

Outdoor Amenities

If you are seeking true luxury, you need to go beyond your interior of the home. Sure, you can have that beautiful, luxury wallpaper hanging in the hallways and bedrooms, but most people who are looking to upgrade their homes for a slice of the sensational go outside and upgrade it there! Think about how an outdoor kitchen with beautiful outdoor furniture can look, and then expand that into a cosy outdoor relaxation zone. You can border the pool for a real taste of luxury in your house! 

For the true outdoor kitchen experience, you need a good grill, a sink and food prep area with large outdoor sofas sprawled around it all. You can even add hot tubs to the outdoor decking area, and waterfalls to your swimming pool. It’s the life of leisure to be able to have this kind of luxury in your exterior.

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Luxury Locations

If you want a true experience of a luxury home, you need to consider your location. Think about whether you are in the Upper East Side of New York VS Notting Hill in London. Both of these are considered to be affluent areas, with the right area code to attract wealthy buyers should you one day wish to sell up. The right location offers you an exclusivity that you can’t get in many other places.

A Game Room/Indoor Theatre

Oh, the luxury. To have a room in your house that isn’t a need, but a want. This alone is a level of luxury unfounded in many homes. Luxury living demands something more, and a home theatre gives you the chance to run your own movies without having to leave the house. Wealthy homeowners like to add things like indoor bars and games rooms, and that’s because they’re just that popular! 

You get total creative free reign when you want a game or theatre room in your house, and you can add or take away as many things as you like for the ultimate in luxury surroundings.

A Home Spa

We’re not suggesting that you hire a permanent facial expert to live in your house, but we are suggesting that spa bath with the features of a hot tub. We’re also suggesting that a wetroom shower is going to be the best experience that you can give yourself. Think about those head to toe shower jets, thick bathroom rugs and even a bidet – if you want real luxury! 

At-Home Gym

Why go anywhere else when you can workout at home? If you have the space, then ripping out the rugs and carpets of one room and laying down some wood flooring can be the start of your home gym. Install the large TV on the wall as well as the weights and equipment you want to personalise your space. Make sure that the speakers are wireless ones, and you should be well on your way to a luxury gym in the comfort of your own home. No more cold gym commute when you just have to roll out of bed and get a sweat on.

The Luxury Bedroom

Luxury isn’t reserved for the parts of the house that people can see. Try and stay away from grey crushed velvet and pink accents. Yes, these are so for the “Gram right now, but that doesn’t mean you should be jumping on this bandwagon. It looks cheap and overdone. Instead, think pure whites. White carpets and rugs, white, crisp bed linen and built-in automated white blinds for the windows. Splash in pops of colour if you must, but concentrate on the white theme and you’ll have a bedroom dripping in luxury.

A Walk-In Dressing Room

On the other side of that new luxury bedroom of yours should be a walk-in dressing room. It should be all rails filled with dresses and outfits – designer names, natch. The area of your dressing room should be well-decorated, with a mirrored dressing table and more.

You need to decide your version of luxury, and make it happen. We all have our own goals when it comes to interiors, but you can’t really go wrong when it comes to luxury, right? If you are considering a home upgrade, then all of these luxury upgrades should be a priority for you. Find your ideal opulence, and make it come true for your home. You’ll never regret a luxury upgrade.

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