Papa Johns Launch New Hawaiian Pizza

February 6, 2016
Papa Johsn Hawaiian

Usually I am very good at cooking from scratch. We do not eat ready meals as it is usually just as quick to make something if you have the ingredients to hand. We do occasionally eat out, Kaspas Desserts in Newcastle is an occasional treat and we sometimes visit our local Brewers Fayre.Occasionally for a treat we order a takeaway. There is always a debate about what type of takeaway to order. Once that decision has been made then you have to choose what to order. It always takes time to go though the menu and decide what you fancy. Then there is the wait for the delivery whilst you grow hungry with anticipation.

The other day I got a surprise. The doorbell rang and when I answered there was a pizza delivery from Papa Johns. I had been asked previously if I wanted to try their new Hawaiian pizza but hadn’t been given a date of delivery. Fortunately we were in when it turned up and ready for dinner.  It was nice not to have to cook and to have a takeaway instad. We love pizza in our house and delivery pizza is always special. I love opening the big cardboard boxes to uncover the pizza inside. Having the pizza ready sliced is great as it saves arguments about who is getting the biggest piece.

Papa Johns

If you were asked if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would you choose? I would probably choose pizza. My theory is that you would not get bored eating it as you can vary the toppings and have a different meal every day. These days you can even get chocolate pizza so dessert is covered as well.  One of my favourite toppings is Ham and Pineapple, which is what Papa Johns Hawaiian pizza contains.

Papa Johsn Hawaiian
Papa Johns new Hawaiian pizza contains ham hock and fresh pineapple on a bed of melting mozzarella. The ham hock is slow cooked to make it extra tender. The pineapple is cut freshly, not from a tin.  On opening the box the pizza smelled lovely. On the side was a carton of garlic sauce for dipping as well as a whole chilli.  I am not quite sure why there was a chilli unless it was to slice on the top. My son ate it when I wasn’t looking and as a result looked a little hot under the collar. He soon recovered when he tried the pizza.

Papa Johns

Papa Johns Hawaiian pizza was lovely. You could really taste the freshness in the pineapple and the smoky flavour of the ham complemented it well.  The slices disappeared really quickly which is always a sign that is is nice. As well as the pizza we received a side order of potato wedges with garlic dip and chicken dippers with barbecue sauce. These went nicely with the pizza and were tasty.  The dog looked on hopefully as we ate the pizza from the box, hoping we would leave a bit for him. Sadly he was disappointed, it was too nice to share. The Hawaiian pizza is a great addition to Papa Johns menu and one I would order again.

Do you like takeaway pizza? What is your favourite flavour?

I was sent a pizza in return for an honest review. I was not obliged to say anything nice.

6 responses to “Papa Johns Launch New Hawaiian Pizza”

  1. Oh I love Papa John’s Pizza , their is a one not far from where we live and my teen is always asking for a one. It is my frave kind of takeaway pizza. I am so tempted to order a one tonight after seeing this as it looks delicious xx

  2. Galina V says:

    I prefer Italian flavours on pizza, pineapple and ham are just not for me. Poor Eddie, how could you not leave him a piece of pizza? 🙂

  3. We used to always order Papa Johns and they have the best pizza, but we don’t have one near us now I don’t think.

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