8 Simple Ideas To Create The Perfect Family Room

April 21, 2020

A family room can be the most used room in your home. This room needs to offer something for the whole family, by providing touches for all ages, and be hard-wearing enough to stand up to lots of use and a lot of rough-housing from the kids. If you can design the family room to work hard and look good, your family will have the perfect place to relax and spend time together, with options for homeowners or renters

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1. Set up somewhere for eating snacks. If you have enough space, you can set up a dining table for casual dining and snacking. If you don’t have enough room for a full table, you can make the coffee table do double duty as a table to eat at too. Store some large floor cushions under the coffee table that can be pulled out and used as seating to sit at the coffee table when it’s time for a snack. If the children have somewhere to sit to eat, you can save your other furniture from all the crumbs and make vacuuming a simpler task. 

2. Layer rugs and throws. Make things feel warm by adding plenty of soft textures. To save money on carpeting, you can buy carpet roll ends to cover the floor. Layer up rugs in any spot where the kids like to sit or lay on the floor, like around the TV. Add some blankets to the chairs for wrapping up in together during DVD nights and you’ve got a comfortable room to enjoy.

3. Get the seating right. A big sectional sofa is a perfect option for a family room, as there’s plenty of seating space for everyone to spread out comfortably. If you don’t have space for a sofa like this, another option is to add a mix of different seats so people can choose their own spot. A sofa, a pair of armchairs, and some alternative seating options like beanbags and floor cushions, all add excellent seating choices that are comfortable and flexible.

4. Get creative with colour. The family room is a great room to decorate with different colours than you would choose in the rest of the home. Paint the walls a darker colour to make things feel intimate and warm, then add in pops of bright colours, like pinks and blues, in your other furniture. A bright blue sofa or some throw cushions in bright shades will fresh, modern, and fun. 

5. Add more storage. The family room is usually used for all kinds of activities, from watching movies to craft projects with the kids. Add plenty of storage options for the things you need for these activities. Turn alcoves into shelving, add cupboards or bookcases, and buy furniture with storage space built-in, so there’s lots of rom to put away DVDs, books, toys, and games, to keep the room free of clutter. 

6. Add a reading nook. If you want to encourage your children to read lots of books, give them a place to do it. A reading nook can be very simple to create. If you have a bay window, build a window seat, and add a throw and some cushions. You could add an overstuffed armchair or something like a beanbag near the bookcase. Put in a reading light and a side table for resting a drink, and you have a great space for anyone to curl up with a book and still be in the room with the family.

7. Add a gallery wall. The most common kind of gallery wall is used to showcase photographs and other pictures. Frame some favorite family photos and hang them in an interesting way on the wall. You could also use a gallery wall to display other things too. Hang things collages of postcards and tickets from vacations or display a collection of sports memorabilia, decorative hats, or anything else that can be hung on the wall for a stylish, fun way to add interest to a wall. 

8. Make space for games. If you like to play board games with the family, then put in a dedicated space to play. Spreading out on the floor can get uncomfortable after a whole, so instead add a  table large enough for the boards of your favorite games. Add some seating, which could be something like cushions at the coffee table or dining chairs at a dining table. Add lamps so you can see the board properly, and add storage nearby to keep the games. 

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