A visit to Kaspas Newcastle

July 17, 2015

Kaspas Newcastle is a dessert and gelato house that is part of a UK franchise.  Apparently it has become a thing to go out for a meal and eat each part of the meal in a different restaurant. You begin with starters in one place, move on to another for the main course and finally finish somewhere else entirely for dessert. While I haven’t tried this myself I can see how it would make for an interesting night out. Walking between courses would allow you to burn of some of the calories gained during the meal. For the dessert part of the meal Kaspas  Newcastle would be ideal. It has recently opened in Newcastle on Clayton Street across from the O2. It is open late, till 11pm most nights and midnight on Friday and Saturday. This makes it ideal for popping into if you fancy a treat on a night out. We found the perfect opportunity to drop in after our visit to Newcastle Castle. It is thirsty work going up and down spiral stairs on a hot day and we really fancied something cool.

Kaspas Newcastle, outside the gelato and dessert houseWe were not expecting the pink and black theme that greeted us while we were outside the shop. I was expecting something a little more cheery rather than these sleek modernistic lines. The pink and black theme continued inside and was a little overpowering. However the selection of cakes on offer looked enticing and we sat down to look at the menu.

Kaspas Newcastle, Inside the ice cream houseWe were originally shown to a table right by the window, but as the day was so hot we could feel ourselves beginning to melt. When we mentioned this to the staff they moved us to a booth at the back which was out of the sun and we were able to make our choices in comfort. The staff were very friendly and welcoming which was nice.

Kaspas Newcastle, a selection of the dessertsThere is such a lot to choose from the menu it was going to be a difficult choice to make. As well as ice cream and gelato there is a large range of ice cream sundaes, crepes, American waffles, cakes and smoothies. The pictures on the menu made it even harder to choose, so many of the desserts looked enticing. From a classic knickerbocker glory to an Oreo sundae, waffles with ice cream or cream and different toppings, pancakes, cheese cakes and many more, it was dessert heaven. We finally made our decisions, I opted for a smoothie. Called raspberry heaven it was a mix of raspberry, blueberry and mango. It was fruity and delicious and ice cold, the perfect thirst quencher on a hot day.

Kaspas desserts - Raspberry heaven shakeMy son was more adventurous and chose a Mango Mania sundae. A mix of mango ice cream, vanilla ice cream, fresh fruit pieces and mango syrup it looked delicious. He was impressed when it arrived, I don’t think he expected it to be so large.

Kaspas Desserts sundaeThe two desserts came to just under £10 and they were definitely worth it. It was the perfect treat on a hot day. I think Kaspas Desserts will be the ideal place to take kids for a treat during the school holidays and I can see it getting very busy over the Summer.

Have you been to Kaspas Desserts yet? Do you have a branch near you?




14 responses to “A visit to Kaspas Newcastle”

  1. What a fun place. I think there needs to be more restaurants dedicated to desserts.

  2. There is something like this near my brother-in-law’s house in Croydon, and I really enjoyed my sundae there. I love this kind of place, although I agree with you that the pink and black is a bit strange, I would expect something either much more Italian or American.

  3. Kim Carberry says:

    I have never heard of going to different restaurant for different courses….It does sound like a lot of fun!
    A whole restaurant dedicated to desserts sound like my kind of place…hehehe

  4. Fiona says:

    When we went in we were sat in that exact table too and I hated it, the colours were too garish and the staff weren’t attentive so we just up and left :/ I’ve been looking for a review to see if I should give it another go but I have no idea how it all works (like ordering, do you get up or what?) so yeah, I’m not impressed by my visit, small as it was, but I do want gelato …

    • I think if they hadn’t have moved us we would have left. To be fair though it should only get the sun at a certain time of day and we were just unlucky. I found the staff helpful, they told us to go to the counter when we were ready and order. The two choices we made were lovely

  5. They do the restaurant thing here in Dunkirk – three restaurants along the prom that you can book all in one go. Interesting concept but we haven’t tried it yet !

  6. That mango sundae your son went for looks fantastic!

  7. lucie says:

    The desserts look incredible!

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