Are you celebrating World Calligraphy Day 2019?

August 13, 2019

Are you celebrating World Calligraphy Day? Why not involve your kids and start creating beautiful writing on gorgeous stationery?

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Do you love beautiful writing? Not sure where to begin? World Calligraphy Day is the perfect opportunity to make a start. Join in with the celebration and say something special. Read my complete guide to how you can get involved and where you can find competitions.

When was the last time you sat down and put pen to paper? In these modern times the art of handwriting is becoming obsolete. We turn to email or text to keep in touch rather than writing a letter. While it is quick and convenient it is not as meaningful.

Quote " There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" on paper with gold quill pen beside it

What is World Calligraphy day?

World Calligraphy Day celebrates the art of calligraphy, hand writing, or any way or putting pen to paper and writing something special.

This is the third World Calligraphy day. It began in 2017 as a celebration set up by the Pen Museum and Manuscript Pen Company. The Pen Museum is a museum that teaches the art of calligraphy and they set up a special event for World Calligraphy day. Manuscript Pen Company specialise in calligraphy products and run competitions to mark the day.

What day is it on?

World Calligraphy day is the 14th August 2019.

Calligraphy pen and notebook on paper background for world calligraphy day

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways you can get involved. Why not go to your local art supply store and get some supplies. Get your kids to write a letter to their grandparents or practice some lettering yourself.

Why not check out the library for books on calligraphy or look for some online resources. There are also a number of activities on the day which you could take part in.

There are some free craft project downloads available at:

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Packet of calligraphy felt tips, some out of the packet

Say Something Special

Why not handwrite a special letter, message or do an illustration to cheer up a child in care at Birmingham Children’s Hospital? Manuscript have partnered with Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the Say Something Special campaign that allows you to do this. A special letter will make a sick child’s day.

Send letters to:
Say Something Special
c/o Small Man Media
2nd Floor,
6 Waterloo Road,
WV1 4BL.

Last year they got over 100 letters and notes from all around the world.

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Visit the Pen Museum

If you live in Birmingham, why not pop into the Pen Museum where they are running a celebration for calligraphy day. Join in with local calligraphers and improve your own skills whilst learning more about Birmingham’s pen trade.

Find out more:

Take to Social Media

Create a unique piece of artwork for to celebrate the day and share it on social media with calligraphy fans worldwide. Simply tag @ManuscriptPenCo using the hashtags #WorldCalligraphyDay #SaySomethingSpecial.

You could also write down your favourite word and share it using the hashtag #MyFavouriteWord.

Keep an eye of these hashtags for content including top tips, video reviews, competitions and much more.

Are you taking part in World Calligraphy Day? Let me know below.

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  1. Galina V says:

    Thank you for heads up, will keep an eye on any stationery comps tomorrow. I do love pens and paper.

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