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July 1, 2011

I was recently sent a 10 day supply of B Record Plus to review. B Record Plus is a food supplement that has been specially formulated with amino acids and vitamin B 12 to help boost and sustain your energy levels.  As a frazzled mum who worksfull time and is often found to be running around like a headless chicken this sounded an ideal product for me to try. Unlike normal energy drinks this one is designed to produce sustained energy throughout the day, help overcome fatigue and improve concentration which sounds wonderful.

As I mentioned before the main ingredients are vitamin B12 and amino acids. Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin which is used in the formation of red blood cells and is also essential for the brain to function.  The drink also contains the following amino acids L-carnitine , L-arginine HCI , L-glutamine, L-threonine  and  L-serine. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are also used in the body for  metabolism. Metabolic processes are important for the release and storage of energy in the body and also the reproduction and repair of cells. B Record Plus is designed to optimise metabolic process.

B Record Plus comes in a pack of ten little bottles. You are meant to drink one every morning on an empty stomach for best results.  It is very sweet but luckily its a small bottle so you can drink it quickly. The only problem I had was remembering to do this in the morning as I am often busy rushing around doing about one hundred different things at this time.  Results are meant to be seen in two or three days.

I must admit I was sceptical to start with and was not sure how this would be different from other energy drinks on the market. I have to say I was quite impressed. After two or three days I did feel more alert and less frazzled. At the end of the week I found my concentration had improved and I definitely had more energy. The only thing I did not like was the sweetness of the product, but this is a matter of taste and other people really like it.

The product is recommended for:

It’s also suitable for people over 12 years of age.  It is usual to take the course for ten days but you can take it for longer if required. I definitely think this product is useful if you are facing a time of stress in your life when you need extra energy and would get it again. I did feel that my energy levels were sustained thoughout the day rather than a short burst of energy which I have found with other energy drinks.
A packet of 10 drinks has RRP £12:99
You can find out more information here:  http://www.brecordplus.com/

One response to “B Record Plus”

  1. sandra henderson says:

    Think i may just look out for this-i usually take vitamin b6 and magnesium to up my energy but gonna be having a stressful 2 weeks finishing work and getting ready for holidays,got a million and one things to do so im thinking this may just give me a wee extra boost.
    Thanks for the post any help with energy is gratefully received lol x

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