Beat The January Blues

January 26, 2012

I had been wondering about doing a post about the January blues for a while and then I saw that UKMums.TV had made it their blogging challenge for this month. The idea was to have a nice positive story to cheer us up and while this is not really in that category hopefully it will help to cheer us up.

T. S Elliot once said “April is the cruellest month”. Well if April is the cruellest month January has got to be the bleakest.  At the start of January we take down our Christmas decorations and the house that looked sparkly now reveals its flaws.  We realise have overspent at Christmas and are going to have to start counting the pennies. We have put on weight and our clothes feel uncomfortably tight. We can feel there is nothing to look forward to, Easter is a long way away and the excitement of Christmas has passed. You  have started the year with good intentions only to have them fall by the wayside and mock you.  You feel dull and grey, like the weather.

I am not a doctor and will not claim to be an expert but I have suffered from depression in the past. You feel that there is nothing worth getting up for in the morning and do not want to make the effort to eat or do anything. There is a heavy weight on your shoulders and you may just lie there listening to music of doom,  feel like bursting into tears at the slightest thing and totally lacking in motivation. It is not a nice feeling and you feel like you are alone. Do not let it get worse, do something about it. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you can make the change.

These are some of my suggestions to help you beat the January Blues. I hope they help. Remember though if you keep feeling low and can not snap out of it then visit your doctor. They will be able to help.

Think Positively

When you feel low this is really hard to do, a sense of despair hangs over your life. Accept that you feel low and do not feel good but you can change it. When you wake up try and think to yourself today is going to be a wonderful day. Tell yourself that today something good will happen. It is a small step but it will help.  You may feel low now but it will change, it is a feeling, it is transient and you can beat it.  Telling yourself this will help you to realise this and eventually you will find that days start to become wonderful again.  Look for the wonderful and you will start to see it, it could be a small thing like a spring flower to tell you the sun is on the way. Small things build into big things and soon you will find positivity is a way of life.

Get Moving

When you are feeling low you tend not to move much, but exercise can be very beneficial. Exercise releases endorphins into the brain which help reduce stress and make you feel better. The good news is that you do not need to exercise madly to feel the effects, even short amounts of exercise will help. Force yourself to get out and about. If you need to go to the shop walk instead of popping out in the car. Put on a CD and boogie on down while you do the housework. Sit in your chair and lift dumbells. You will feel better afterwards.

Watch Your Diet

When you are low you can either stop eating proper meals or start eating all the wrong foods. A lot of people turn to alcohol or chocolate as a solution but it isn’t. Try and eat healthy meals and not snack in between.  Plan what you are going to have and make sure you do not have anything else in that can tempt you. Overeating can be part of the problem so tackle it. If you are not eating properly you need to put yourself first and look after your body.

Tackle the Problems

We may be feeling low because of circumstance, maybe we have overspent and are in debt or maybe we have argued with other family members. Some circumstances can not be changed but many can. Get yourself a pen and pad and write down what you are worried about. Look at what you can change and make steps towards changing. You may need help to achieve some but it is possible. Putting your worries down in a concrete way allows you to realise that the problems may not be as bad as you thought and makes you feel you are doing something.  Use your problem solving skills to find a way to tackle them and get onto it.

Don’t let the feeling beat you, you felt happy before, you will feel happy again. Make the decision to do something about it and get the sun back into your life.

3 responses to “Beat The January Blues”

  1. That is a lovely, helpful post and one that I can relate to. I love the photos you’ve included too, especially the sunset. Life is about looking for the little sparkles on dark days for me when I feel fed up, just as you say. xx @Chaoskay

  2. Some good advice there. I too have battled depression, and found it worse on the days that i didnt leave the house. Even when leaving was just to get a loaf of bread from the local shop. Food is my biggest issue in January, but im armed now with pen and paper to make a sensible shopping list to which i WILL stick! x

  3. Thank you for the comments. I found the main thing to help was to realise I was depressed and then I could do something about it.

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