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September 8, 2016

These days there is a trend for subscription boxes. There is a box for everything, treat boxes for dogs, cookery boxes and even boxes for a date night in. These boxes are a great way to discover new products and get a surprise every month. Recently I have been trying out a subscription box from Beer52. Described as a craft beer discovery club Beer52 searches out the best craft beers from breweries around the world. The craft beer subscription box contains around 8 -10 craft beers each month to enjoy at home.

Craft beer is brewed for taste rather than being mass produced. It is normally produced in microbreweries which are small local breweries. Different ingredients and hops are used to create unique beer flavours. The founder, James Brown started the Beer52 discovery club  after going on a motorcycle craft beer road trip around the UK. Discovering there  are more than 12,000 microbreweries around the world he put together a team of beer experts. They handpick eight different beers a month for Beer52 members to try. These exclusive small batch beers get shipped to members along with an in house magazine, Ferment, that explains all about the beers being featured.

Beer52 Craft Beer Subscription Box

I received the Beer52 August box which contains eight craft beers from Scotland. Scotland is a place I have visited many times, most recently we went on a caravan holiday to Wemyss Bay which is on the coast overlooking the firth of Clyde. We have also been to the Highlands and spent time in Dumfries and Galloway. Scotland has a rich heritage and the Beer52 box takes you on a tour of Scotland as well as the craft beers from the area.

Beer52 Scotland box

Image Credit: Beer52

The boxes are sent via Royal Mail tracked shipping so you know when they are on the way. Your first order arrives 2-3 days after your order. After tha each delivery is roughly every 28 days. You can sign up for one month or for longer subscriptions of 3 months, six months or a year. The longer the subscription the cheaper it is. The box the beer arrives in is sturdy and the beer is well protected by cardboard. It also has a stylish design which makes it clear what it is.

Beer52 box

Beer 52 Scotland Box

Part of the fun of receiving subscription boxes is opening them to discover the contents. Inside the box I found eight beers, six bottles and two cans. There was alsoa packet of Soffles spring onion & Italian cheese pitta chips. Soffles are a unique range of oven roasted pitta chips which use all natural ingredients and make the perfect accompaniment to the beer. I also found a copy of Ferment magazine. This provides information about each of the beers in the box. It also gives an insight into some of the microbreweries in Scotland including an interview with the head of Brewdog, James Watt.

Beer52 subscription box contents

Brewgooder Clean Water Larger and Brewdog Jack Hammer

Brewdog is a brewery in Abderdeenshire whose founders are passionate about beer. Two of their beers were included. Brewdog Jack Hammer is a bitter beer with a grapefruit tang. If you like your beer bitter this one is for you. Brewgooder Clean Water Larger is a crisp beer with a hint of citrus. The reason it is called Clean Water larger is because the profits from the beer are going to help provide clean water to people in third world countries.
Beer52 Craft Beer subscription box contents

Jarl, Black Isle Blonde and Paolozzi

Jarl is a beer from the Fyne Ales brewery in Argyll. Originally produced as a festival special for FyneFest it was one of the first beers to use Citra, an american hop. This gives it a refreshing citrus flavour. Black Isle Blonde comes from the organic brewery of Black Isle in Inverness and is a crisp beer with a honeyed sweetness. Paolozzi is a Germanic beer from the Edinburgh Beer Factory which is named after the Edinburgh inventor of pop art Eduardo Paolozzi. His artwork decorates the bottle and every pint sold results in a charitable donation to the Paolozzi Foundation.
Beer52 Craft Beer subscription box contents

Lerwick IPA, Radical Road and Brave Red Ale

The Shetland Islands are the home of Lerwick, a place I would love to visit one day. Lerwick IPA is described as a traditional beer with a modern twist. The flavour of malt comes though but the hops are American which balances out the flavour perfectly. Radical Road is a pale ale from Stuart Brewing who are Edinburgh based. Again it uses American hops for a more distinctive flavour. The wild card in the box is Brave Red Ale which comes from Chilie. It brewed at the foot of the Andes mountain range with Magnum and Mosaic hops for an intense aroma and flavour.
Beer52 Craft Beer subscription box contents

Beer52 Discount Code

If you are a fan of craft beer the Beer52 craft beer subscription box is a great way to discover new beers from around the world. The hard work of sourcing the beer is done for you, all you need to do is to relax and enjoy a drink. The box is well presented and contains a good selection of different beers. The magazine is a good read and gives more information about the beers. I would definitely consider getting a Beer52 subscription box as a gift for some of the male members of my family. I know they would appreciate the excitement of finding out what was in a new box each month.

For £10 off when you sign up for a Beer52 craft beer subscription box use the code: DRAGONS10

Beer52 is a craft beer subscription box which brings a selection of 8 -10 craft beers from around the world to your door. Get a £10 discount with the code on my blog

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  1. I’ve just had a little look at their website and love that you can buy this as a gift too – what a fab idea x

  2. We tried one of these at Christmas and my husband loved it! I think he felt like a bit of a connoisseur after haha.

  3. Great idea for Christmas (can I start counting down the days soon ? lol )

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