The Best of Autumn

October 31, 2014

Autumn, the season arrives slowly drifting in after lazy Summer days, lulling us into a sense of security with a show of colour. Days start to get shorter, we notice when we wake up to be greeted with a sky awash with gold. Sunrise is never seen in the Summer, we wake up and it is light already.

Autumn sunsetMornings start to become foggy, a soft haze drifting up from the fields as if it is trying to hide a secret. Tendrils of fog shiver in the cold morning air and you realise the warmth of Summer is coming to an end. It is mysterious and spooky walking in the early morning light.

The trees slowly change colour, first one leaf turns red, then another turns gold and slowly all the trees are different colours. A blaze of fire when lit by the sunlight, looking as if they belong in the mysterious cities of gold. The sky seems bluer somehow, in contrast with the leaves beneath it.

Autumn colourThe leave start to fall, piling up under the trees, blowing into gutters and sneaking into corners where they build up into large mounds. The temptation is there to shuffle though them, swishing my feet, kicking up leaves remembering Autumns long ago. There is something satisfying about the swish of leaves under foot, rustling around your ankles. Sometimes the leaves reveal treasure, a prickly conker shell with the brown of the chestnut inside. The shell is parted carefully and the conker removed, bringing back memories of conker fights at school. Carefully boring a hole in the conker and threading though string. Sometimes thinking of ways to strengthen the conker with vinegar or baking, Hoping that yours would be the one strong enough to last and be crowned victor. Sometimes sweet chestnuts and beech nuts are found. Beech nuts can be eaten from the shell, small but tasty. Sweet chestnuts are taken home and grilled, filling the house with the scent of Autumn.

Later come the winds and rain, we dash to get inside and warm up with a cup of tea, or hot chocolate and marshmallows. Looking out at the rain lashing the glass we are glad to be inside warm and cosy. The best bit of Autumn is the glorious colours in the morning and evening skies, the colours in the leaves and the way it gently heralds the start of winter.


3 responses to “The Best of Autumn”

  1. Eileen Teo says:

    I never seen a conker until I came to uk! i had miss so much of fun of playing with conker! now i encourage my kids to pick and play with them!
    Love your autumn photos! They are great!

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