Board Games That Are Good For The Brain

May 22, 2019

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Board games can be more than just a form of entertainment. Many board games are great for boosting brainpower, requiring players to answer questions and solve puzzles. Here are just some the best board games for exercising the brain.


Scrabble is the perfect game for expanding one’s vocabulary. Not only that, but it teaches the brain to look for patterns by unjumbling anagrams. There’s even some mental maths involved when it comes to adding up word scores. You can use Scrabble word finder tools and play scrabble online to help build your skills. Scrabble is very popular and it has become a serious competitive event – you’ll find Scrabble clubs and tournaments across the country.

Trivial Pursuit

This board game tests players’ general knowledge. With multiple categories to choose from, it can teach you about everything from history to nature. Trivial pursuit is a great team game and suitable for large groups of players. There are many different versions of trivial pursuit that cover niche subjects.


Monopoly – the game that allows you to buy up streets and build houses – is great for exercising the decision-making part of the brain. It also involves counting and handling money. It has long been used to teach kids financial responsibility.


Qwirkle often comes up in lists of brain-boosting board games. It requires players to construct patterns with tiles in order to collect points. It’s an exercise in problem-solving. This is a fun game that can be completed relatively quickly compared to other games on this list.


Chess is the ultimate board game for challenging the brain. It requires players to plan moves ahead and analyse various patterns. As a result, chess teaches patience and the importance of strategy. It’s also great for improving memory and is thought to be a great game for warding off the likes of Alzheimer’s. Even if you don’t have a chess board, there are plenty of place to play chess online and no shortage of local chess clubs for playing competitively.


This iconic strategy board game is much like chess in that it requires players to have patience and to think ahead. Players battle with each other to take over a map of the world (there are versions of Risk including Lord of the Rings-themed risk and Star Wars-themed risk, but the original was based on planet Earth). Risk can be a very long game and is best played with 3 – 5 players.

4 responses to “Board Games That Are Good For The Brain”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    We love playing these games as a family.
    Now my girls are older we have great fun with Scrabble x

  2. Galina V says:

    I’m with you on the influence of the board games on the brainpower. My husband and Eddie enjoy playing chess together, and Eddie also goes to the chess club at school.
    We have lots of board games at home, and Monopoly is one of the family favourites.

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