Bring on the cold with Millets

November 24, 2016

Be ready for the winter and bring on the cold with Millets. A nice snug jacket is a great way to defeat the cold and get outside more this winter.

Over the last few days winter has really been making itself known. The remnants of a storm blew past making the weather wet and miserable. It felt like the rain would never stop and the sky would be grey forever. It was the sort of weather where you do not want to venture outside. The option to stay inside with a cup of tea is the wise choice in these circumstances. Going outside will leave you soaking and miserable.

I didn’t have the option to stay inside though, my dog wants his walk whatever the weather. He gets so excited when he knows it is nearly walk time. Dashing about by the door and barking he announces its time to go out. Fortunately I am now ready for the colder weather. Millets are working alongside brands like The North Face and Berghaus on their Bring on the Cold Campaign.  The aim is to get people ready for the colder weather so they can get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  They sent me a lovely jacket from their womens jackets range which has been keeping me warm and dry.

Bring on the cold with Millets

North Face women's stratos jacket from Millets

I chose a Women’s Stratos jacket from The North Face. This is perfect for long walks in our country park in the wind and the rain. The outside shell of the jackets is waterproof as well as being breathable. If I get hot sweat can escape from the jacket without me getting wet. There are also zips under the arms so you can let air in. The seams are taped which offer extra protection from the wet. The hood and hem are adjustable which is perfect for me as hoods are always miles too big. Without being able to adjust the hood I would not be able to see where I was going.

Womens stratos jacket from the north face

Eddie, my dog is really excited that I am happy to get outside in the cold now and take him for a walk whatever the weather. All I need now is a waterproof coat for him. When he is wet and muddy he loves to come in and roll around on the carpet. I have to be quick to catch him with a towel before he can.

North Face Womens Stratos Jacket from Millets

Long walks with the dog

Even in the winter is is nice to get outside and clear the cobwebs from your brain. Fresh air and exercise can make you feel brighter even if the weather is bad. I like to take the dog for long walks in the country park. Sadly the field at the entrance to the park is being built on. Houses are starting to go up and my secret apple trees are no longer there. They were bulldozed away and the land levelled. We always got a big stash of apples from these in the Autumn.

The field is now rather muddy and bleak. It is a shame as I have seen lots of wildlife there in the past. This summer we had lapwings and I have seen a heron and a pheasant. Now the days are shorter it is often dark. Even when it is dark and dreary an unexpected sunrise can lift your spirits. It briefly turns the muddy field into something beautiful.


Puddle with sunrise

We do catch some sunlight as well and my dog has not been sure what to make of the Autumn leaves lying on the ground. His face as he puzzles about the leaves provides a comedy moment. Soon he was swishing though the leaves happy to be on his way. Thanks to my new coat I am enjoying getting outside with him even in this colder weather. I can also get out and enjoy days out on wet days and visit places like Wallington Hall and Cragside.

Dog in Autumn leaves

Are you ready for the cold weather this year? Where do you like to go exploring? Let me know below.

I was sent the coat for the purposes of this post. My opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Galina V says:

    Eddie is a fantastic photo model! Beautiful scenery! And your new jacket looks lovely too, stylish and comfy.

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