Choosing Great Summer Clothes for Men

June 22, 2017
Summer clothes for me

What is the secret to choosing great summer clothes for men? Dressing for each season brings it’s own challenges.

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In the autumn and winter thicker fabrics, dark colours and subtle patterns suit the colder weather. The summer bring hot weather and humidity. Light fabrics and bright colours will help you embrace long lazy sunny days.

Summer clothes for me

Choosing Great Summer Clothes for Men

Looking good during the heat of the summer requires a little planning. Looking good whilst staying smart can be a difficult task. Men who look stylish in the winter can take on an anything goes attitude in the summer. Think clashing prints, socks with sandals, three quarter length trousers and hankies with knots on the head. With a little forethought you can avoid the wild on holiday look and dress to look stylish despite the heat.

Tips for Summer Dressing

When dressing for the summer think about colour co-ordination, good fit and minimal style for a smart but casual look. You should have certain key pieces in your wardrobe and use them with accessories to create a different look.


A decent pair of shorts can transform your summer wardrobe. When choosing shorts ensure they are not too short. Just above the knee is a good length to aim for. Choose shorts that are not too baggy without huge pockets to add bulk. They should add shape to your figure without being too tight. Ensure you have a couple of pairs to choose from, tailored shorts for a smart casual look or more colourful shorts for the beach.

Summer clothes for men shorts

Summer clohes for men shorts


In the hot summer weather it is more than likely you are sweating more than normal. To help allow your skin to breath and prevent overheating choose shirts made of natural fabrics. Cotton and linen are natural fabrics that allow the skin to breath whilst absorbing moisture. Silk is also a good choice. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour to brighten up the outfit. Keep shirts loose to encourage air flow and keep you cool.


Choose loose fit trousers in lightweight fabrics to help keep you cool this summer. Mens chinosare great for dressing up with a summer shirt. They look good for both formal and casual occasions. Choosing lighter colours will also help to reflect the sunlight and keep you cool.

Summer clothes for me


Summer is time to bring out the loafers, sandals and canvas shoes. Invest in some no show socks to avoid blisters and to prevent the long socks with shoes or sandals look which does not look good. Leather loafers look great with tailored outfits whilst canvas works well with shorts. Bare feet are great for relaxing in the garden and letting your feet breath.


Experiment with colour. Don’t be afraid to try bright colours and bold prints. Just make sure you match them with a neutral colour so that you don’t clash. Be careful with yellow though. I have found that yellow attracts wildlife. At a beach both my husband and son had yellow t-shirts and the midges would not leave them alone. A yellow t-shirt was also a great attraction to a donkey!

Do you have any tips for choosing great summer clothes for men? Let me know below.

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5 responses to “Choosing Great Summer Clothes for Men”

  1. Sarah | What The Kids Wore says:

    I always think that men get a rough deal when it comes to summer clothing. But I like the shorts they are wearing.

  2. You have excellent models to show their summer outfits. 🙂 Shorts are great in summer, but agree, they should not be too short. Looks like it was a hot day, when you took the photos, poor Eddie has his tongue out.
    Love your Easter Island statue in the garden.

  3. Chad says:

    Hi Alison,
    Great write up on picking out some summer clothes for men. I will be using some of your tips when I go shopping for my summer clothing haul. I have always been afraid to experiment with bright colors and usually stick to the darker basic colors.
    One tip I have for choosing good summer clothes is to make sure they fit good and are light so you not are constantly sweating, oh and wear deodorant. Thanks for this post.

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