Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

November 11, 2016

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for teens? This list has perfect presents for teenage girls and boys. These will get them of their gadgets for a little while.

Teenagers are like an alien race. When they hit that magic age they seem to start spending all of their time in their rooms with the doors shut. Phones and computers are permanently on and their friends latest facebook status can be a drama waiting to happen. Picking Christmas gifts can become a mine field but I have put together a list of Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens to give you some ideas.

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Christmas gift ideas for teens

Christmas gift ideas for teens

For boys

  1. Bulldog Shave Kit
  2. Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Flexball Men’s Razor
  3. Skewb Ultimate Puzzle + Presentation Pouch

For girls

  1. Pixie dust Perfume
  2. Impulse Irresistible Gift Set
  3. Sparkly accessory pouch

For both

  1. Logitech M238 “Party Collection” Wireless Mouse
  2. Water Dancing Droplet Speakers
  3. Hallmark Itty Bitty
  4. Derwent Line Painters
  5. Haribo 

For Boys

Bulldog Shave Kit

Bulldog Shave Kit

For a teenage boy learning to shave can be a pain. This Shave Kit from Bulldog will really help them out. Exclusive to Boots the kit contains Bulldog Original Shave Cream and Original After Shave Balm. To help make applying shaving cream a breeze a shaving bowl and brush are also in the kit. RRP £15. This kit will make any teenage boy happy.

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Flexball Men’s Razor

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Flexball Men's Razor

A good razor is a must for teenage skin and this Gilette Fusion ProShield Chill Flexball Men’s Razor is perfect as a first razor. Lubricated before and after blades help to protect the skin and five blades act to create a close shave. It also has cooling technology to keep refresh skin as you shave. RRP  £8.00

Skewb Ultimate Puzzle

Skewb ultimate puzzle

Hands up who remembers spending hours trying to solve the Rubik’s cube as a teenager? The Skewb Ultimate puzzle is a variant on the theme. The twelve sided dodecahedron puzzle will keep teens puzzling for ages as they debate if they should peel the stickers off to solve it finally. RRP £9.99

For Girls

Pixie Dust Perfume

Pixie Dust Perfume

Yes you read it right, Pixie Dust Perfume really exists. From The Library of Fragrance who make signature scents based on the smells we find all around us in everyday life. This is a magical scent with sugar sweet overtones which is perfect for a teenage girl. After all who doesn’t need some magic in their lives? RRP £15

Impulse Irresistible Gift Set

Impulse Irresitible gift set

I love Impulse fragrances, they give an instance mood lift and there is a scent for every occasion. The Impulse Irresistible gift set makes a perfect gift set for teenage girls. With three full sized scents,  True Love, Tease and Why Not? and a glamorous clutch purse it will add a touch of glamour to their lives. RRP £12.00

Sparkly Accessory Pouch

Sparkly accesory pouch

Every girl needs somewhere to store their make up or other accessories and this sparkly accessory pouch is just the thing.  It can be personalised on the front with a sparkly word of your choice and a two word secret message can be optionally added to the inside. It comes in either black or natural colours and with either silver or gold lettering. RRP £19

For Both

Logitech M238 “Party Collection” Wireless Mouse

Logitech party collection mouse

Teens spend a lot of time on the computer and these Logitech Party Collection Mice are the perfect way for them to add a stamp of personality to their work space. There are 19 designs to choose from across the Party and Play collection so there is one to suit everyone. They are wireless as well. RRP £19.90

Water Dancing Droplet Speakers

Water dancing droplet speakers

Do you know a teenager who doesn’t have music on all the time? These Water Dancing Droplet Speakers are connected to your device with the provided headphone jack and when music is playing the water shoots up and down in time to the beat. The perfect addition to any teenage bedroom. RRP £17.99

Hallmark Itty Bitty

Hallmark itty bitties

Itty Bittys are Hallmarks plush toy collection. They come in a wide range of different characters, from super heros like Batman and Superman to Star Wars characters and for Christmas Santa and Rudolf. Teens can still be childish and love little characters like this to add to their bookshelves. RRP £5.99

Derwent Line Painters

Derwent line painters

Derwent have recently released their line painters, a pen with the consistency of ink that flows like a paint. It gives an immense depth of colour to notes and is perfect for painting, doodling or writing in diaries with. The ink dries quickly so is easier to use than paint. Teens will love these for using in notebooks or just expressing themselves though drawing. RRP £15.95 for five.


It is essential to have sweets at Christmas so why not treat your teen to some sweets from the Christmas selections that Haribo have.  There is plenty to choose from.

Haribo Starmixmas is a limited edition bag with all the favourite pieces found in the StarMix pack with all new Christmas flavours. You will find Cherry Trifle Heart, Gingerbread Bears, Eggnog Eggs, Apple Strudel  Bottles, and Cherry and Eggnog Crumble Rings. If your teen prefers the original flavours why not get them a Haribo Starmix or Tangfastic cracker. This cracker shape tube is a festive way to give a pack of sweets. The Haribo Mega Stars selection box is a great way to give them all their favourites in one place.  With mini bags of Starmix, Tangfastics, Super Mix, Goldbears, Jelly Babies and Giant  Strawbs in one box. Look out for a 300g box and the Christmas party pleasing
larger 600g selection.




So that is my list of gift ideas for teens. Which gift do you think your teen will like best? Let me know below.

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4 responses to “Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens”

  1. Galina V says:

    Itty Bittys look so cute. My teen would definitely love all the Haribos. I might just get him one of those giant crackers.

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    Fantastic ideas. I haven’t seen or heard of the Skewb Ultimate puzzle. I think that might be an idea for my teen! I love those speakers too 😀

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