Ten Christmas gifts he will love

November 29, 2017
Art of football print

Are you wondering what to get for your man for Christmas? This list of eight Christmas gifts he will love will help you find the perfect gift.

Men, they are really difficult to buy gifts for. They never seem to drop a hint about what they would like. There are only so many pairs of socks they can wear. Having recently put together a list of fourteen Christmas gifts that she will love, I now have some inspiration for gifts for men. Whether you are buying for your husband, father or granddad there is bound to be something perfect for them.

Christmas gifts he will love

Stocking Fillers

Hallmark Itty-Bittys

Hallmakr have a range of mini plush toys that make a perfect stocking filler. They are also ideal for pocket money presents for kids to get their dad. The cute range has various collections like Star Wars, Marvel, Peanuts and Snoopy, The Wizard of Oz, DC Comics and Scooby-Doo. Ideal for sitting on a desk to make him smile.  I love the Peanuts characters, Snoopy has always been a favourite.

Hallmark Itty-Bitty - Snoopy

If you want something more festive why not get Santa or Rudolph? There is also a new Christmas Edition Mickey and Minnie Mouse which are limited editions. They may be a collectors item in the future.

Get Itty-Bittys on the Hallmark website from £6.00

Chrismas Micky and Minnie Mouse Itty-Bitty from Hallmark

Gifts for the sports lover

A print from Art of Football

Is your bloke a football lover? Do you lose the television whenever there is a match on? A gift from Art of Football will make his day. Art of Football creates hand-crafted designs which aim to emulate the energy, passion and euphoria inspired by the magical kick of a football. Whether you choose a t-shirt of a print you know that there is only a limited number of each design. This makes them exclusive and original. Every order is gift wrapped and in a hand painted box. The wrapping is pretty special. Football designs make it unique. Choose a gift from the team he supports to make his day.

Art of Football special gift wrapping with football decoration

Every item has a story behind it. The Albert chip print (RRP £9.99) is from the match where Newcastle won 5-0 against Manchester United. It is a story Toon fans still tell today and this print shows the goal from Philippe Albert. Any Newcastle United fan would love it.

Albert chip print from Art of Football

Bioflow Sports Wristband

Bioflow is a magnetic therapy company. The Bioflow sports wristband contains a central recovery reverse polarity magnet inside a silicon wristband. The idea is that blood cells passing under the wristband experience an agitating effect. This aids recovery and enhances performance. The wristband is also has a positive effect on arthritis sufferers helping them with the pain. My husband has been trying it out and said it has made a difference. He is feeling less pain in this cold weather than he would normally.

Magnetic therapy is an alternative therapy and while it is hard to prove it works scientifically they have a large number of positive reviews. The wristbands come in a wide range of colours and look smart and stylish. If you have a sports lover in your life I am sure they will be happy with one of these.

The Bioflow sports wristband is RRP £25 and available in a wide range of colours.

Keep them looking smart

Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Razor Kit

Do you have a man who likes to look well groomed? Why not treat him to a blast from the past? The thrill of old-fashioned shaving is brought to life with a modern twist in the Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Razor Kit. Make him feel as if he is walking into the wild west in his own bathroom. It is a safe way to shave with a dash of danger.

Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Razor Kit

The kit contains shaving cream, post shave balm a Doubloon shaving brush and a cut-throat razor. It is also a great way to save on the cost of razor blades which are expensive. It uses double edged razor blades which are not included. A pack of ten is £2.99.

This is a stylish gift that your man is bound to love.

Bluebeards revenge cut throat razor

The Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Razor kit is RRP £34.99

The Personal Barber – Male Grooming Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are a big thing these days and this male grooming subscription box from The Personal Barber is a interesting idea. If your man loves the traditional razor and brush style of shaving or would like to try it this would make a great gift.

The Personal Barber subscription box is available as a one off for £24.95. Longer subscriptions are cheaper, six months is £91.80 or twelve months is £174.64.  Boxes are delivered every six weeks making a total of eight boxes a year. Each box features a different selection of shaving goodies including 10 blades, shaving soap or cream and pre or post shaving goodies.

Personal barber shaving subscription box

The Personal Barber box is a sturdy cardboard box and the contents are well protected with paper to keep them safe. Opening the black tissue paper reveals the shaving goodies. This sample box contains the following:

Contents of The Personal Barber Subscription Box.

The Personal Barber subscription box is a great way to discover new brands that you may not have heard of. I like the fact that many of these brands are newer British brands.

Cufflinks from Dobell Menswear

Cufflinks are one of those things that a man will always need at some point in his life. If he attends a formal event then a pair of cufflinks is a necessity. Not only do they look nice but dress shirts often do not have buttons. Cufflinks are needed to hold the sleeves together. The trouble is that often when he finds he needs a pair of cufflinks there are none available.

Dobell compass cufflinks

Dobell menswear have a wide range of accessories for men including a large selection of cufflinks. I love these compass cufflinks. Not only do they look smart they actually work. This ensures that he will never get lost as well as adding a touch of James Bond style to his outfit. These are RRP: £19.99

For the man who loves reading For the man who loves reading

Eyejusters reading glasses

As you get older it gets harder to read. You may find that you are having to hold your book at arms length to see the pages. If you are already short sighted you may find you need to remove your glasses to read. If you know someone who needs reading glasses Eyejusters reading glasses make an ideal gift.

Invented and manufactured in Britain, these are adjustable reading glasses. They are a clever idea. You don’t need to know the wearers prescription. The lenses are adjustable with a little dial. This makes the lenses slide until you can see correctly. You can adjust each lens separately which is perfect as most people have different eye strengths.

Eyejusters are RRP £69 or £79. Avaiable from the Eyejusters website they come in 17 different sizes and colours which are unisex.

Eyejusters Adjustable glasses

Eyejusters adjustable glasses

The outdoors lover

Zippo flask

Everyone is familiar with Zippo lighters. This iconic brand make windproof lighters that are excellent for lighting fires outdoors. Did you know that Zippo also do a lifestyle range that includes hand warmers, leather wallets and hip flasks? I think the hip flask would be a perfect gift for any outdoors lover. It is the perfect shape for carrying in the pocket with a secure lid. It would also make an ideal stocking filler.

Buy online on the zippo website RRP £17.95

zippo flask

GFor the gardening expert

Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer

Fortunately in the winter the grass stops growing. In the spring and summer it is a different story. You cut the grass and two days later it needs cutting again. Recently I have been trying out the Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer which makes light work of the lawn. If your lawn has walls or flowerbeds round the edges this grass trimmer will keep them looking tidy. It is easy to use and lightweight. The fact that it is cordless makes it so much easier to use.

Available from the Gtech website RRP £99.00

Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer

Would you treat your man to any of these gifts or do you have something else in mind? Let me know below.

4 responses to “Ten Christmas gifts he will love”

  1. Galina V says:

    Compass cufflinks are my favourite. And it’s so true, whenever my DH needs them, we start searching all over the house.

  2. Thanks for featuring us in your gift guide Alison!

    We also have a one-off shaving set with a washbag included which is great for gifting if you don’t want to commit to a subscription. It’s in our shop “extras” section.

    The Bluebeards Revenge kit is a good choice as well. We’re a fan of their shaving cream.

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