Make his Christmas special with Hotel Chocolat

December 5, 2017

Why not make his Christmas special with Hotel Chocolat? These luxury chocolates are sure to please the man in your life. Even the most hard to buy for.

Christmas is a time for making family memories. I am sure we all remember Christmas as a kid. The excitement of waking up and wondering if Santa had been. The joy of unwrapping presents with our Grandparents and enjoying a meal together. Even as a grown up we experience the magic of Christmas though our own children’s eyes. Knowing they are creating traditions to pass on to their own family.

Part of the magic of Christmas is in the food. The making of the Christmas cake and Christmas pudding in advance stirring in the wishes. Working together in the kitchen to get Christmas dinner ready on time. Sharing snacks and nibbles that we would not normally have. We finally sit to enjoy a family meal together and share old jokes and fun.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas gifts

Make his Christmas special with Hotel Chocolat

One of the best parts of Christmas is sharing presents. We always share ours after dinner and make a bit of a ceremony of it. The gifts put out under the tree. The youngest members of the family act as postmen and deliver the gifts to the rest of us. They have great fun reading the labels and working out who the gift belongs to. Once they have all been given out we then open them shouting thanks as we go.

One of the main problems I always have at Christmas is buying gifts for the men folk. They never seem to drop hints about what they want. I put together a Christmas gift guide for men which has several ideas in it. There is always that one person that struggle to chose a gift for.

Fortunately Hotel Chocolat have come to the rescue with a wide range of festive chocolates that will please any man.

Festive gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Festive gifts from Hotel Chocolat

When you receive a gift from Hotel Chocolat you know you are receiving something special. The packaging screams luxury. The boxes come in bags with layers of tissue paper which you remove to reveal a smart ribbon wrapped box. You can order on-line for next day or same day delivery. Perfect for a last minute Christmas gift. If you prefer you can click and collect in store.

The luxury continues inside each of the boxes. Each of the chocolates are made from cocoa Hotel Chocolat grow themselves. The chocolates contains high cocoa content rather than sugar. You can taste the difference. Each chocolate has a rich and silky taste. You can see the work that has gone into the design as well, each chocolate is a work of art. There is a range of gifts for all price ranges, from pocket money gifts to the more expensive luxury box.

Festive gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Why not have a look at the range of chocolate Christmas gifts for him. Some of my favourites are A Dozen Portly Penguin Chocolates for £7.50. These cute penguins shapes make a lovely gift from a child to a father. If you really want to spoil him then the Merry Christmas Everyone Hamper (£50) is perfect. It has a selection of everything to keep him happy for a while.

The Hotel Chocolat Christmas Gift Box Luxe Classic

Recently I have been trying out the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Gift Box Luxe Classic. (RRP £35)This large box contains 42 festive truffles, caramels, pralines and more. The box is striking red with silver embossing and a red ribbon.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Luxe Box

When you open the box and peel aside the paper layer you see a layer of striking chocolates with Christmas designs. A card menu tells you what each of the chocolates are. There is a range of plain chocolates, a white reindeer, milk santa, 70% penguin and caramel spruce. These striking shapes make up the middle of the box. On either side you will find a scrumptious selection of other flavours. From festive flavours like Clementine, festive mince pie and mulled wine to more traditional flavours like Billionaire’s shortbread.

Hotel Chocolate Christmas luxe box

Hotel Chocolate Chcolates

The Hotel Chocolat Christmas Gift box luxe is a box that is sure to please any man. The only problem he will have is which chocolate to eat first!

What are you planning on buying the man in your life this Christmas? Would you consider getting him chocolates from Hotel Chocolat? Let me know below.

You may also be interested in my list of Christmas gifts for women.

This is a collaborative post. I was sent the Luxe box in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Lovely box of chocolates. Don’t know about men, but I would definitely be happy with such a gift.

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