Cleanercise: Get Fit While Doing The Housework

February 8, 2012

A new craze is sweeping the nation, Cleanercise. If you are like me you never have time to exercise and are  always rushing around, taking kids places, cleaning the house, going to work etc. Ecover have come up with a fabulous idea, combine cleaning with exercise and Cleanercise yourself fit! Ecover have teamed up with Dancing On Ice professional ice skater, Frankie, and have turned everyday cleaning tasks into gym-style feel good moves. This has come just in time for spring cleaning, we can now clean, exercise and release feel good hormones all at the same time! Get yourself smiling while cleaning!

Any housework move can be turned into Cleanercise, washing up, making the beds, hoovering, mopping or cleaning the windows. Tone those wobbly bits and work out to the housework. Get started by putting on the music. Listening to music you like has been scientifically proven to lift our mood. Our bodies release the feel good chemical dopamine when we hear our favourite tunes, so crank up that music  and get moving. Benefit your health whilst making the house sparkle.

Learn the moves

Ecover identified dancing round the house as one of the nation’s top feel good past times in a recent survey. This was the inspiration for Frankie’s development of the Cleanercise moves, turning cleaning into a Feel Good past time.

Frankie says, “I am always looking for new ways to fit everything into a busy day which is why Cleanercise is the perfect solution for cleaning, excercising and feeling good too. By combining everyday home chores with some simple body toning techniques you can burn calories and give you a little boost.

“Add to that the Feel Good that comes with using  Ecover’s products which have no chemical nasties and are gentler on you, your family and the environment and you’ve got the perfect Feel Good formula. Small changes like these help you on the road to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

Maximising Mopping

Mopping the floor can burn 300 calories an hour! Make the most of this by adding in some full body twists while mopping side to side and a few forward leg lunges when mopping backwards and forwards which will work out your tummy, legs and arms and more.

Work top work-out

When cleaning work tops use small and fast circular movements and some long over-arm sweeps of the cloth. You can achieve a full body workout, honing the core muscles, tightening the triceps, shoulders and back and burn 250 calories an hour. When cleaning windows or shower enclosures the same long arm sweeps can be used, delivering great toning results.

Bicep bottle

The home is filled with things you can use to work out, fill two empty Ecover bottles with water and use them as weights to tone your arms. Try doing eight bicep curls, then eight triceps dips and end with some resistance exercises. Try holding a bottle out in front of you at a 90 degree angle and holding there for as long as possible! Ow! A great way to strengthen your arms and your determination.

Wiggle and whip

Cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you can still feel the health benefits. Wiggle your hips and have a spin. Dance between the sink and the cooker and work up your appetite. In the time it takes you to whip up the main course you will have burnt 200 calories before you know it. Don’t sit down while the vegetables are cooking, dance around and enjoy yourself.

Wash and glow

Washing up, take your mind off the chore by turning on the music and doing a few rear leg lifts to work your glute muscles. Using the sink for balance, raise your leg behind you whilst holding in your stomach and let your leg and bottom muscles do the hard work. Complete eight on the right leg before changing for the left leg, repeat until your favourite song has finished.

I love this idea. I find it hard to fit exercise into my every day routine as I am doing so many other things. This is a fabulous way to get fit while doing things that you would do anyway and making them more enjoyable. You can benefit yourself while cleaning your house.  Don’t forget that Ecover products are made from plant-based ingredients which leave no nasty residues or irritants on the skin, which makes Cleanercising with Ecover beneficial to you, your family and the pets!

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  1. Erica Price says:

    It’s a great idea, but I wonder how easy it is to fit in when trying to get stuff done at 100 miles an hour.

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