Coleen Butterflies Perfume

April 18, 2011

I was interested to find out that Coleen Rooney has just launched a new fragrance which is called Coleen butterflies.  It seems more and more celebrities are jumping on the fragrance bandwagon these days and are designing their own perfume. I was interested to see what this would be like.

The bottle is lovely, it is pink glass suitable adorned with gold butterflies to go along with its name.  This would look lovely on any dressing table. Its v ery girly looking bottle, with all that pink.

The fragrance itself is described as a  sparkling burst of citrus, sultry rose and hibiscus opens the fragrance , melting the senses with subtle hints of black pepper, nutmeg and vanilla flower, tumbling into a fall of creamy cedar and rose wood with a subtle hint of amber and tonka bean; the sumptuous scent lingers on to leave an indelible impression. This sounds fabulous, would it live up to expectations?

When I first sprayed it on it was quite a heavy and musky. You could get the hints of black pepper and nutmeg coming though.  At first it was a little bit too heavy for me but I found that it soon softened and you got a more floral tone with hints of vanila.  This was much more subtle and rather nice.  It was quite a sophisticated scent and I did not find it heavy and overpowering.  The scent does  not really match the bottle, I was expecting something a bit lighter and more airy. It does start off like more of a sultry evening perfume but when worn for a while is more of an everyday perfume. This is quite nice and a lot more sophisticated than I thought it was going to be.

This perfume will be avaialable in 50ml and 100ml bottles. The price will be around £24 for £50ml and around £38 for 100ml.

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