Coping With The Anxiety and How To Overcome It

October 25, 2019
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Anxiety is something that affects everybody. But there are levels of anxiety that means it can have a more significant effect on some than on others. This anxiety can be crippling and make even the simplest tasks feel like an insurmountable mountain.

No one wants to be a slave to anxiety, and the effects it can have on your professional and personal life can be disastrous. However, with people being more understanding of how stress can affect you in your everyday life, it’s getting easier to cope with it. With greater knowledge comes more solutions, so here is how you can both cope with and overcome your anxiety so that you take on the day every day. 

Keep A Journal

Getting your thoughts down on paper is a great way to process them and work through any fears and issues you might be experiencing. Your negative thoughts can manifest as prose, poetry, lyrics, or just diary entries, and you might discover the reasons you feel anxious without meaning to.

This is why it’s important to read back on how you feel each day so you can track your mood and anxiety levels. You might be able to identify patterns and triggers in your life that bring on anxiety, which will allow you to make changes. 

Keeping a journal is especially useful if you don’t have anyone to talk to, or using it as a stop-gap while waiting for an appointment. 

Speak to Someone

Everybody tells you that speaking to someone about your anxiety issues is a fantastic way to confront, cope with, and overcome them. 

While most people recommend speaking to a professional therapist, this is not always available for everybody. Instead, you can discuss with trusted friends and family in a secure and safe setting if you want to. 

If you’re not confident talking with friends and family and can’t afford or have access to professional help, then look into downloading self-care apps that use AI therapy assistants to help you work through issues. However, do not rely on these, as a machine is not a suitable substitute for a real person. 

Find What Works for You

Some people don’t take to therapy or journaling. This doesn’t mean they can’t overcome their anxiety, though, and they can still start to feel better by experimenting with other avenues.

You can try your favourite hobbies to help clear your mind, or even try out new things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. You might find the release you’ve been looking for to help build your confidence and ease your anxiety as you’ve always wanted.

While self-medication is not an ideal situation, increasing your experiences with an ash catcher can help you relax and minimize anxiety, although you should remember this is purely a short-term solution. If the problem persists, then it might be time to give therapy another shot. 

Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety can be crippling, and if left unchecked, it has the potential to ruin personal and professional relationships. However, it’s not right to force anyone into getting help, and they can only allow people to help them when they’re ready using whatever method they feel most comfortable with. 

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  1. Anca says:

    Your advice is very good, both journaling and talking can help and, of course, there are other options too.

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