Expat Chat – Where To Move?

March 26, 2019

If you are thinking about moving abroad, the biggest decision you will obviously need to make is deciding where to move. Below, we take a look at one of the best places overall, as well as one of the best places for those with children.


Switzerland has been crowned as one of the best places to live for expats in the annual Expat Explorer survey that is conducted by HSBC for many years now. This survey ranks 34 countries based on a whole host of different criteria, including everything from health care to entertainment. Once all of the data was compiled and the statistics were analysed Switzerland came out in the top ten best places to live.

Despite Switzerland featuring near the top of most categories, there are certain attributes whereby the country did not fair particularly well. This includes the cost of childcare, finding accommodation, adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle, making friends, integrating into the community, social life, entertainment and finally organising health care.

Whilst these rankings showcase that there could be a few potential hurdles when moving to Switzerland, this is only likely to be the case if you allow them to be. There are ways you can minimise their impact. For instance, you can look at various ways to get involved in the local community and make friends. Moreover, when it comes to health care, if you have international medical insurance in place you will not need to worry about the point regarding organising health care. With expat health insurance you can gain access to the best network of hospitals and professionals and you do not need to concern yourself with waiting lists and such like.

All in all, Switzerland has beat many different countries in terms of the best place for expats to live. This may not be the cheapest country, but in terms of quality of life, you will truly struggle to find anywhere better.

There are various sectors whereby Switzerland excelled. This includes opportunities for sport and travelling around locally. Aside from this, Switzerland finished in the top places for all of the following – economics, household income, satisfaction with the host economy, experience, commute to work, working environment, adapting to local weather, environment, quality of education available to children, health and wellbeing of children), better quality of life for children , children learning new language and health care . It is a great all-rounder, and as you can see, there are great education possibilities. However, the online distance learning MBA options available today means you can access quality education no matter where in the world you are, so this does not take on as great importance as it once did.


Moving abroad is always difficult, but this is even more so the case if you have children. You will, of course, be worried about how they are going to settle in and safety will be a primary concern as well. However, according to research recently conducted by HSBC, if you are moving to Japan you don’t need to fret as much because it is one of the safest places for expats to raise their children.

Japan soars above other countries when it comes to the safety of children. None of the expats interviewed stated that their child’s safety had become worse as a consequence of moving to Japan. In fact, most believe that the safety of their kids had improved since moving.

On the whole, Japan is a place that has long been associated with low levels of crime. This is something that is only improving, as the Official Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have revealed that the crime rate has dropped over the past year, with the country being deemed the safest in the world in regards to crime.

There are several factors that contribute to Japan’s low crime levels. This includes the fact that there is less use of cash and an ageing population. Nonetheless, one of the main contributing factors is undoubtedly the fact that the country is advanced in terms of cutting edge safety technology.

Japan is a good place for raising children overseas. This is not only because of the low crime levels but also the high level of education as well.

All in all, the welfare of our kids is definitely a primary concern when moving abroad, but if you are moving to Japan you can clearly do so with a greater degree of confidence in regards to the safety of your little ones. However, it is worth pointing out that there are a lot of areas whereby Japan does not fair well, and so if you have other concerns, aside from your children, you should contemplate this carefully.


Aside from the two places that have been mentioned, there are plenty of other great places to consider if you fancy a change and you want to move abroad. Other places that feature high up overall in the survey include United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Sweden, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, and Singapore. For families, the top five countries are Sweden, New Zealand, France, Spain, and Singapore. Indonesia and Ireland also feature high up. Of course, you will need to research much more before making any decisions, but this should give you a good basis to start.

One response to “Expat Chat – Where To Move?”

  1. Anca says:

    I’m quite surprised of the list you mention in the other countries category. In UAE apostasy and homosexuality are considered crimes that carry the death penalty, surely not the place I would like to emigrate and/or raise my children (if I had any).
    When I considered moving abroad, neither Switzerland nor Japan where on my list. It is an important decision and, in some respects, you can’t know how you’d feel in another country before moving. So far, after 7+ years, I’m still happy with the country I picked: UK. 🙂

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