Fade Out White Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream Review

January 27, 2012

If you have been burning the candle at both ends recently, partying, or maybe you are just a stressed mum, you may be finding that you have dark circles under your eyes.  You find that you are looking a lot more like a giant panda than a person. This is really not a good look. It is normal because eyes have soft delicate skin underneath them and  can often be the first place that shows tiredness and fine lines and wrinkles. Knowing it is normal does not make it better but the good news is that now something can be done about it.

Fade Out White Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream is a tinted eye cream that is specially formulated to hide dark circles, even out the skin tone and hide imperfections.  It does with with light reflecting particles that will reduce the appearance of  fine lines .  It also contains Vitamin A which will help to reduce signs of aging, hydrate the skin and assist with collagen productions which will help make the skin appear firmer and reduce puffiness.

I was sent some of these cream to try out and to see what I thought. The cream itself comes in a really handy little tube and has instructions to apply morning and night.

I squeezed a little bit of the cream out the tube and was surprised to find that it has a slight pinkish tint. I am not sure why I was surprised because it does say it is tinted but I was expecting it to be white.

Fade out eye cream

I applied the cream to my eye area and I found that you did not need to use very much at all.  A little tiny bit has a great effect, you can really see it lightening the eye area and it might have been my imagination but I am sure I could feel a tingly tightening effect just after application.  After using for a week I am sure that the area around my eyes looks a lot better, less dark and wrinkly than it used to be. I really like this product, it does what it says it is going to do and it is not an excessive price either.

For more information: http://www.fadeout.com/products/eye-cream.aspx

RRP £8.99 for 15 ml

The Fade Out line up is available from Boots, Savers and Independent Pharmacies


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