Tips for Having a Feel Good Summer

August 23, 2017
Feel Good Infusions range

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Have you been having a feel good summer this year? Summer is a time to make the most of the sunshine, get outdoors and enjoy the long days.

It is hard to believe that it is nearly the end of the Summer. Soon we will be getting kids ready to go back to school. Long summer days will be a distant memory.

Have you been having a feel good summer? Feel Good Drinks Co. recently sent me some of their new infusions range so I could enjoy a #FeelGoodSummer party. We had a few friends round for a barbecue and tried the range.

Feel Good Infusions range

Feel Good Drinks Infusions Range

The Feel Good Infusions range is made of 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar. The drinks are still water with a subtle hint of fruit flavour which make a really refreshing drink. There are three flavours in the range:

Feel Good Infusions range

My son and I both love the lemon & elderflower. It is a real taste of summer in a drink. The apple & rose was a hit as well. We felt the strawberry & mint slightly overdid the mint. A little more strawberry flavour would make it a winner. The drinks are perfect for encouraging kids to drink more water. They also make a great alternative for alcoholic drinks at a party. Ideal if you are the designated driver.

Feel good infusions

Tips for having a feel good summer

Look on local sites

Check out local sites for events coming on in the area. Often there are plenty of free events like kite festivals and bus rallys for the family to enjoy. Local parks also have activities for kids over the summer. These range from sporting events to dog shows. Summer fairs are often common over the summer which are worth visiting.

Join the library

Join your local library. They usually have a summer reading challenge which kids love. It is a good way to get the latest best sellers to enjoy.

Visit English Heritage and National Trust Places

English Heritage and National Trust places are great to visit and family membership is good value. They often have events on over the summer which the whole family can enjoy. These are a great way for kids to find out about history.

clash of the knights at Belsay

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Make time to relax

Make time to relax. Often a lazy sunny day in the garden with a picnic is a great way to chill out. Get the kids to build a den in the garden or put up a tent for them. Give them some colouring books and craft activities to enjoy in the sun.

Explore your local area

Get outside and explore your local area. Find somewhere you have always wanted to go and make the time to go. Often an all day bus pass is a cheap way to explore.

Visit a museum

If it is raining then a trip to your local museum is always enjoyable. These are free and they also do special events for kids over the summer.

Take a trip to the forest

If you live near a Forestry Commission Forest why not make a visit? You could spot a gruffalo, visit the art works or even attend one of their Forest Live music events. Their website has plenty of worksheets and activities that kids can do while in the forest.

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Go to the beach

If it is a sunny day why not take the kids to the beach. You can enjoy paddling in the sea, go rock pooling or just sit and enjoy the sun. Maybe you live near a local lighthouse which you can explore. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some fish and chips.

Pick your own

Find a farm where you can pick your own fruit. When you get home you can make plenty of tasty recipes with the bounty. You may also get a chance to look round the farm and see some of the animals.

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Do you have any tips for enjoying a feel good summer? Let me know below.

I was sent a selection of Feel Good Infusions to try. My opinions are honest and my own.

Tips for having a feel good summer

5 responses to “Tips for Having a Feel Good Summer”

  1. Galina V says:

    I love the sound of these drinks. Apple & rose is such a lovely combination of flavours, very summery.

  2. Varices Granada says:

    Nice tips

  3. Leo Tat says:

    What I like about the infusion drinks is they don’t have added sugar. The carbohydrate content is like around 10% of that of regular sweet drinks, so it’s much healthier.

    When the sun came back earlier this week on Monday, we went to Cotswold Bourton on Water. Lovely place but there were so packed full of people since it was the bank holiday and every was deprived for a month from the lack of sun in August.

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