Finding Inspiration for Your Own Sense of Style

August 21, 2019

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Everyone’s sense of style is different. Some people love to wear frilly fantastical outfits while others prefer basic and elegant styles. Some enjoy chasing the latest street-wear trends while others have fun making up their own mash-ups with brands that you’d never expect to mix together.

Making your own outfits can be fun, after all, but if you’re the type of person that finds it difficult to pick what to wear in the mornings then this article is for you. In this post, we’re going to talk about where you can find inspiration for your own sense of style and how to feel comfortable in every outfit that you wear.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

1. Pick what’s comfortable

The number one thing to think about is how comfortable you are in those clothes. If you’re not feeling comfortable in the outfits you wear then something is wrong. Identify what doesn’t feel right and work your way from there. Are your jeans a bit too tight? Are the clothes you wear too heavy? Do the materials not feel right? Perhaps it’s something to do with the designs of the clothes you wear. Maybe you prefer quiet and subtle designs instead of something loud. Everyone has their own idea of what to consider comfortable and you should follow your personal tastes.

2. Look back to your roots

Your roots are a fantastic source of inspiration, especially if you have a rich cultural history. Maybe you come from a country background where rustic clothing and simple patterns are popular, or perhaps you grew up in a very streetwear-oriented neighbourhood where brand names were all the rage. Whatever your roots are (culturally or geographically) make sure you use it as a source of inspiration.

3. Base it on your hobbies

Your hobbies can have a huge impact on the style of fashion that you enjoy. Perhaps you love punk aesthetics and would love to get a nose piercing to reflect a younger and more rebellious appearance, or perhaps you can’t get enough of the modern hip-hop aesthetic with popular streetwear brands. Whatever your hobbies are, there’s bound to be a way to incorporate it as a style aesthetic that you can fall in love with.

4. Understand colour theory

Colour theory can be a huge help when picking out the right outfits. There are complementary colours that go well together, neutral colours that are perfect for a muted and more professional style, and also pastel colours which give a playful look. Learning how to mix these colours and use them in measured amounts in your outfit is the key to finding inspiration for your own sense of style and picking out clothing that looks perfect in your eyes.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some excellent advice on how to adjust your own sense of style and find inspiration for your outfits. Everyone’s idea of the perfect outfit is different and everyone has their own influences. The golden rule is to wear whatever you find interesting, cool, pleasant or comfortable, and we hope that this post has explained that clearly!

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