Going Green With Your Dog

March 1, 2019

Owning a pet can be an environmental nightmare. But all it takes to change things is some research and some small changes. Everyone is going eco-friendly. Mothers are buying cloth nappies, people are using menstrual cups and washable pads. More people than ever are composting and reducing food waste. And it is brilliant. Millions of people making small changes lead to one significant impact. 

Here are some ways that you can work to go greener with your pooch. 

Puppy dogs sitting on steps


Vote with your money – as they say. If you know that a company is a bit shady in their practices, but you keep putting your money in there, then it is time to stop. Do some research online about the companies that you currently buy from. If you can see that they aren’t either a) contributing to society or b) making changes in how they produce their goods then look for alternatives.

Look for toys, food, and other products that are made from hemp or bamboo. They are more sustainable and can be recycled more easily. They are also much more environmentally friendly if they package using cardboard, not plastic. 


Rather than throwing old blankets and dog toys away. Search for donation sites like animal shelters, or recycling programs for the toys. As puppies grow up into adults, many people simply throw items like leashes, collars, bedding, food, and more away.

Find another way to get rid of what you don’t want anymore – with the environment in mind. 


If you walk your dog, and you probably do, then you need to pick up their waste. If you are using plastic dog bags, you’re missing a key opportunity. Although you should not use the dog poop for your compost, you can dispose of it in a separate composting pile using biodegradable poop bags. Another way to dispose of it is to flush it into the toilet. There are also flushable bags should you want to take that route.


There are alternative options for almost everything that you buy for your dog. Dog chews can be made at home by simply knotting old t-shirts together. Food treats can be made at home too. You can bake biscuits with meat in them, or even CBD for pets to help with any ailments or anxiety. Sweet potato is a great treat option made from home too.


Dog food tends to come in tins or plastic pouches. Which is great because this means that they can be recycled. Steel and aluminum are often able to go directly into the recycling boxes. Plastics will need to be checked as they usually have a melt lining – which means they might not be. But you can change food providers based on your desire to improve yours and your dog’s eco-impact. Remember to wash them out so that you don’t attract other animals and insects. 

Small changes made over a period of time, with you and your dog, will see that you are making a positive impact and a positive change in the world around you. And, although dogs are full of good karma, we can all do with a little more.

3 responses to “Going Green With Your Dog”

  1. This is a very good post, indeed. I am writing a blog post on traveling with Amber so might link to yours.
    Best intentions but I confess I am culpable of not buying ethical all the time (cost is a factor!)

  2. Anca says:

    You are raising an important issue.

    The biodegradable poop bags aren’t as green as they seem to be. I found a company that promotes their bags as being eco-friendly and biodegradable, but the only thing is that their bags get faster into micro-plastics that are still not degradable. I wish there was a company that makes really eco-friendly bags, like the ones based on potato starch. If you know a company and you can recommend me, please tell me.

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