Using the Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer

October 24, 2017
Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer

Do the edges of your lawn look straggly and untidy? The Gtech ST20 cordless grass trimmer is ideal for keeping them under control and looking smart.

Do you find that your lawn mower doesn’t do a very good job on your lawn edges? The grass starts creeping into your borders making your flower beds look untidy. In the summer it can be full time job to keep it neat.

Now winter is on the way it is time to start thinking about getting your lawn ready for the cold weather. Your lawn uses the cooler Autumn days to regenerate itself. Giving it a little care now will result in a lush green lawn come the summer. Recently I have been putting the Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer through its paces as I prepare my lawn for the cold.

Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer

When using strimmers before I have found them fiddly to use. With kids and a dog in the garden it was often too much trouble to plug them in and use them. The Gtech grass trimmer is cordless which is a big plus. It makes the product so much easier to get out and use.

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First impressions of the Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer

The ST20 comes in pieces, the cutting head and guard, the handle, the battery and the blades. There is also a charging cable for the battery and an instruction booklet. Everything snaps together fairly easily and the grass trimmer is ready to use. The only part I had trouble with was the guard over the cutting head. It took me two or three tries before it was secure.

Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer

Instead of the usual nylon string the blades are green plastic tear drop shapes which just snap into place. This is much easier to use. Gtech supply twenty of these blades with the grass trimmer. They also offer free spare blades for the lifetime of the product.

Gtech grass strimmer

Once ready the Gtech ST20 does look rather nice. It has a simple ergonomic design and rather sleek styling in grey and green. The styling is also practical, anything that is green is a moving part. This makes it easy to find the adjustable features.

Gtech strimmer

The battery was already partly charged. When fully charged it gives thirty minutes of running time, enough to trim the edges of the lawn twice. Charging the battery takes four hours. When you want to charge the battery you just remove it from the top of the trimmer and take it inside. You then plug it in and leave it to charge. There is no need to take the entire strimmer inside with you. Little LED lights show you how much charge is remaining or how much longer it needs to charge.

Gtech grass trimmer

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Performance and ease of use

Having put the Gtech ST20 together I gave it the challenge of dealing with the lawn. Our lawn has curved edges which border the flower beds as well as areas that run beside a wall. It was a good test to see how well it would perform.

Gtech strimmer

The Gtech ST20 is really light. It comes in at a weight of 1.75kg which makes it really easy to maneuver round the garden without straining your arms or your back. You can adjust the angle of the handle as well. This allows you to get the right balance and fit for your height. I am quite small and can find these tools cumbersome to use. By adjusting the handle I was able to use the strimmer comfortably. My husband is taller and was also able to adjust it to suit him. This is important as it does help prevent back strain.

The Gtech grass strimmer breezed through the lawn with no problems. We got round all the edges in about ten minutes. It got right into the corners and close up along the wall with no problems. The edge of the stairs by the lawn always cause a problem but not for the ST20. For the first time the lawn along here looks straight. The high performance 18V motor kept the grass trimmer powering on though even the longest grass.

One feature I did like is the fact that the head can be turned into two positions. The standard position has the spinning blade in a horizontal position which can be seen on most grass cutter. A simple twist of the head puts the blade into a vertical position. This is ideal for edging the lawn. Finally I now have neat lawn edges.

We have used the Gtech ST20 several times and are still on the plastic strimmer blade. It is showing a little wear and tear, which we expect from cutting close to a wall, but it does seem that it will last quite well.

What I thought

I found the Gtech ST20 grass trimmer really easy to use. Using it I was able to get into all those areas of the lawn that are tricky to reach with a lawn mower. The long grass that has been next to the wall all summer is now gone and my lawn looks really neat. The dual function head is a big plus. It makes garden maintenance so much easier.

The fact that the lawn trimmer is cordless is a big bonus. I can just get it out of the garage and use it without having to worry about wires. This means I am much more likely to use it. The battery retains charge really well so I can trim my lawn several times before recharging.

You can buy the Gtech ST20 cordless grass trimmer on the Gtech website and it costs £99. It is one of Gtech’s new range of cordless garden tools which includes a hedge trimmer and a mower. Interestingly the battery pack for then hedge trimmer and grass trimmer are interchangable. If you run out of charge on one just swap it for the other. All the products have a two year guarantee and free delivery.

Would you use the Gtech ST20 cordless grass trimmer to keep your lawn tidy?

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Gtech ST20 grass trimmer. Review and tips for getting your lawn winter ready

Tips for getting your lawn winter ready

Autumn is a great time for putting the lawn to rest. Treat any problems with the lawn now while it is resting and you will be treated to a lush green regrowth in the summer. These tips will help you get your lawn ready for the winter.

Do you have any tips to add? Let me know below.

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  1. I’d love this for my garden , I love that’s it’s cordless

  2. PatioMate says:

    Hi Alison

    Thanks for the review. Have been looking for a new cordless strimmer. Is the handle on this the soft foam/sponge style? Or is it a solid plastic handle?


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