Guest Bedroom Essentials

October 6, 2017
ottoman storage bed

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These guest bedroom essentials will make your guest feel welcome. Make your guests feel at home with these thoughtful additions to their room.

Is your guest bedroom a dumping ground? With space at a premium in houses these days the guest bedroom often becomes a store room. With holiday season approaching it is time to sort out the guest bedroom and turn it into a welcoming sanctuary. You want your guests to feel at home but also to feel they are having a break.

I have put together a list of guest bedroom ideas which gives the essentials every guest bedroom needs. This should help you get ready for the holiday season. You will be ready for any unexpected guests dropping in.

Guest Bedroom Essentials – how to make your guest bedroom feel welcoming

Make the room feel clean and welcoming

Before you do anything else give the room a good clear out. Get rid of the junk and give the room a good clean. Make plenty of space so that guest feel they have somewhere to put their belongings. Add an empty bin for your guests to use.

bunch of flowers

Use air fresheners or a scented candle to make the room smell nice. A vase of flowers on the bedside table is also welcoming and makes the room look fresh.

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Get comfortable bedding

There is nothing more welcoming than fresh sheets. Buy some soft comfortable bedding for the bed in colours that match your room. This will give the room a designer feel and make it look smart. Make sure you leave out extra blankets and pillows. That way if it gets cold at night guests will still be comfortable. A throw is always useful for making the room look nice as well as doubling as a blanket.


Cushions on the bed look nice and add extra comfort. Do make sure you provide a storage basket so your guests have somewhere to put them when they are not using them.

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Make sure storage space is available

Your guests will have luggage with them and will need to unpack it. Clear out the drawers so they have somewhere to put their things. Make sure there are some hangers available in the wardrobe so they can hang up their clothes. Provide some space at the bottom of the wardrobe so they can put their cases away.

To help make more space available in a bedroom an ottoman bed is a great idea. You can use this for storage and keep the drawers and wardrobe free for guests to use.

ottoman storage bed


Provide towels and toiletries

Leave the towels and face clothes for the guests on the bed. This way they know which towels they can use. Provide a selection of toiletries in a basket. Travel size soaps, shampoos, over the counter medication, toothpaste and toothbrushes are always welcome. There is always something you forget when you go away. This way the guests do not need to bother you if they have left their toothbrush at home.

Have a box of tissues beside the bed that guests can use. Make sure there is a mirror in the room so that your guests can check what they look like before leaving the room.

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Create a home help list

Provide a list of essential details about your home. Print out the wifi password on a card and put it somewhere obvious so that your guests can use it. Add instructions for using the TV and DVD player. Let them know where extra toiletries and supplies can be found. A notepad and pen is also useful in case your guests want to make any notes.

Make sure there is adequate lighting

Provide a bedside table with a light on it. There is nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night in a strange room and not being able to turn on the light. A bedside light will make it easier for your guests. They will also be able to read in bed if they want to. It is also a good idea to have a small night light in the hall in case they need to leave their room.

Bedside table light from litecraft

Have a tech station

These days everyone travels with technology. Your guests may have phones, tablets and laptops all of which need charging. Make sure that the plugs are easily accessible. Provide a spare universal charger in case they have forgotten to bring one. Make sure they have a table to put their technology on so it is safe.

Provide bedtime reading

Your guest may want some time to themselves at night. Provide a mixture of fiction and non fiction books so they have something to read. A couple of magazines and a selection of tourist information are always useful to your guests.

Provide water

There is nothing worse than wanting a drink in the middle of the night and having to walk round an unfamiliar place to find one. Provide bottles of water so your guests can easily get a drink in the middle of the night. Alternatively set out a jug of water and some glasses.

Do you have any essentials that you add into your guest bedroom to help your guests feel welcome? Let me know below.

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Nine guest bedroom essentials to make your guests feel welcome




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  1. Galina V says:

    Good tips! I’m now clearing a room for Mum’s stay. Fingers crossed, she will arrive safely next week.

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