Harringtons Dog Food Review

February 20, 2014

As you will know if you read my blog regularly I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is around three years old and is a really lovely little dog, who loves getting into mischief. He also enjoys nothing better than cuddling up on your lap, probably why he is known as a lap dog. Very affectionate and eager to please he makes an ideal pet for our family.

King Charles Spaniel

Recently I was watching a documentary on television about different types of dog food and what went into them. It seems that some dog food is better than others, and some contain next to no meat content. I had a look at what I had been feeding my dog and was not impressed. The food a dog eats can have an effect on their length of life and health, so I want to feed him something that is good for him. I have been searching for different alternatives that contain more meat and was happy to be asked if he would try some Harringtons Complete dog food.

Harringtons dog food

I received the Harringtons Rich in Turkey with Veg for my dog to try. Rich in Salmon and Potato and Rich in Lamb and Rice are also available as well as a range of dog treats and puppy foods. The food is a dried food that comes in 2kg, 5kg and 15kg bags. Harringtons is a family owned and managed business based in Yorkshire. They have developed their pet ranges to give your pet high quality food at affordable prices. The food is free from artificial colours and flavours and has no added sugar. There is also no no dairy, no soya and no added wheat.

Harringtons pet food

Looking at the ingredients the main ingredient is maize. It does contain 15% turkey meal which is a lot more than a lot of other dog foods. There are other additives to ensure the health of your dog as well, like omega 3 and 6 for a healthy coat and kelp which is rich in nutrients. The main question though, what did my dog make of it?

Harringtons dog food

Eddie can be a fussy eater, if he does not like his food he will not eat it. I tried him with a few of the kibbles of Harringtons dog food and he crunched it up straight away. I moved him over to the new food bit by bit and he does seem to enjoy it. He normally eats it all up rather than leaving it until he gets really hungry. While Harringtons dog food does not contain as much meat as premium brands it definitely seems a good brand at a good price and importantly my dog loves it.

You can find more information on the Harringtons website and can find the food in most supermarkets. You can get 15kg for £21 from Amazon. As well as the UK Harringtons dog food is now available in France.

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Disclosure: I was sent some Harringtons pet food for my dog to try in return for an honest review.

2 responses to “Harringtons Dog Food Review”

  1. Martin says:

    My 8 year old cocker has some issues with dried food, some sort of intolerance had built up. After a bout of sickness etc, she had a week of chicken and rice, scrambled egg. After that I chose harringtons as it is lower in fat than premium types and the kibble is a nice small size. I am pleasantly surprised to report she has taken to it straight away and as I couldn’t feed her old food as it made her sick, she had this from the off. Recommend if your dog has a delicate stomach.

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