How To Give Your Rental Property Personality

February 16, 2020

Decorating our homes is one of the best ways we can express our personality and interests; it helps us reflect parts of ourselves onto a space that we invite loved ones and acquaintances into. Our homes say a lot about ourselves, and yet it can be difficult to properly express yourself when you rent a property.

Renting, while the more logical option for many, often comes with many constraints on what you can and can’t do. Normally, renters are expected to leave the interior design as plain as possible, ready for when they eventually leave and new tenants move in. Unfortunately, however, this can make rental homes feel empty and devoid of life, which is why a lot of people look for alternative ways to give their rental home character.

Experiment with Art

Artwork is one of the best ways to inject a quick boost of personality into your home. When investing in some contemporary abstract art prints, you’ll be able to add vibrancy to your property without painting any walls. Better still, you won’t have to spend lots of money in order to do so. As for how you display this art, instead of nailing it onto the walls you can lean the pieces on shelves and/or flooring, depending on how large it is. 

Introduce Greenery

Introduce GreeneryPurchasing plants will help bring some life into your home, as well as potentially clearing the air, depending on the type of houseplants you choose. For those who aren’t looking for too much commitment, opt for easy to maintain plants, such as spider plants and rubber plants. These can thrive even when neglected, meaning you don’t have to be green thumbed to keep them alive.

Play with Texture

Soft furnishings, such as your drapes, throws, and rugs can all be changed to create a more tactile experience within your home. By doing this, not only do you add that much needed sense of character into an otherwise plain property, but you’ll also create a sensory oasis, which will add a lot more depth into your interior. 

Fairy Lights Set the Mood

Lighting, specifically fairy lights, are a fabulous way to add some playful exploration of lighting and mood into your rental home. They’re quite cheap to buy, which helps with those on tight budgets, they can be easily moved around, and they can help offset the clinical white of those sparse looking walls. Here’s some ideas on styling them, no matter the size of the room or space you have available.

A Homely Scent

If you’re still struggling to set the right kind of atmosphere in your new home, there’s always scented candles to come to your rescue. They can instantly make a home feel cosy and inviting, as well as show off the type of scents you like as a person. What is more, a lot of candles come in incredibly stylish holders, which further help to decorate without lifting a paint brush or roll of wallpaper.

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