Hunted by Emlyn Rees

August 16, 2011

Hunted is a new thriller by Emlyn Rees. Danny Shanklin is ex CIA and does covert jobs arranged via a trusted contact. He  goes to a hotel for a meeting about a new job, backed up by his technical guru, The Kid. He has a bad feeling when he enters the room and when he wakes up on a chair, with a dead body next to him and a rifle in his hands these feelings are confirmed. He hears police sirens outside and looks out of the window to see a burning limousine and bodies over the street. He is now shown on television as the prime suspect, the police are closing in. He is wearing a bright red tracksuit, new trainers and luckily a balaclava and sunglasses, his own clothes have disappeared.  He needs to escape, find the people who set him up and save the people he loves but with 500,000 CCTV cameras, 33,000 cops, 9 intelligence agencies, and dozens of TV news channels all hot on his tail, will he make it?

This is an action packed book which will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, frantically turning the pages to find out what happens next.  You follow Danny on his hair raising journey to escape the hotel room with the police hot on his trail. He needs to keep one step ahead and when his face is revealed he needs to get his daughter somewhere safe. The action takes place on the streets of London and no matter how fast Danny runs the police seem to turn up.  There are occasional flashbacks which take us back to how Danny got to this point which are intermingled well with the main story.

This is a well written book and you find yourself rooting for Danny and hoping he will get away. The difficulties escaping from modern surveillance methods  are made clear and the book moves at break neck speed.  There is an interesting twist at the end which is left ambiguous, setting the scene for another book in the series.  A great read, ideal for the holidays.

Hunted will be available in September 2011. It is published by Corsair books.

ISBN: 9781849018821

RRP £12.99

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