The Importance of Pet Insurance

February 11, 2016
King Charles Spaniel

Do you have a pet? Have you ever wondered about the importance of pet insurance. This is my dogs experience of illness and insurance.

I own a dog, a lovely King Charles Spaniel called Eddie. Over the years he has become much more than a dog, he is a member of the family. Our whole routine is based around him. I get up early to make sure he gets a walk in the morning. I enjoy our walks together, he runs off exploring the countryside and checking out new smells while I get a chance to stretch my legs and enjoy the sun rise and the dawn chorus.

In the evening my son walks him and he enjoys the opportunity to explore. Eddie loves playing with his toys and will spend hours chasing his duck around the house if you let him. He has also been known to be very sneaky, like the time he ate loads of peanuts when I wasn’t looking. I hadn’t even realised dogs liked peanuts!

It was a big decision to get a dog. My husband had owned dogs previously and when he learnt Eddie needed a home wanted to take him in. He thought having a dog would be great for my son. I wasn’t so sure.

Growing up the only pets we ever had were a tortoise and gold fish. Whilst they still need looking after, it is not really the same as having a dog. Dogs need a lot of care and attention. In the end I gave in and it turned out to be a really good decision. It is hard to imagine our routine without Eddie now.

King Charles Spaniel
When we got Eddie I did two things. I signed him up to the VIP plan at our vets so that he gets all his worm and flea treatments. He also gets his yearly vaccinations included in the price and if he needs treatment for anything he gets a discount. The other thing I did was take out pet insurance for him. I had heard stories about vet bills being expensive and wanted to make sure that he could get treatment if anything ever happened to him. It turned out to be a good decision.

King charles spaniel

One day Eddie started having difficulty moving. It started with him yelping out when he jumped up onto furniture. At first we thought that he had just bumped himself but he got progressively worse. At the end of the day he was unable to move without squealing in pain. There is nothing worse that watching your dog squealing in pain and being unable to do anything to help them. We took him straight to the vet who thought the problem was in his spine. He was given a pain killing injection which helped and some drops to put in his food. Sadly instead of easing the pain got worse and the next day we had to take him for x-rays. The x-rays showed he had a problem with one of the discs in his spine. We were given the option of sending him for an MRI to find out more or to try completely resting him and see if it helped. The x-rays cost £500 and an MRI would have cost £1000. We decided to try resting him as an MRI would involve a general anaesthetic which is risky.

King charles spaniel

To ensure he rested we barricaded the stairs so he would not go up and down them. We then had to carry him carefully up and down whenever he wanted to go upstairs. He was not allowed walks for more than a week and we stopped him jumping up onto furniture. It was really hard trying to get him to rest. Try telling a dog they are not allowed to run about and jump. They just think they are feeling better and try and do too much. Fortunately resting him worked and he has been fine since then. Whilst there is still a risk his back problems could return we are much more confident we know how to deal it and can help him. I was so glad that I had made the decision to take out pet insurance when we got him as I was able to get him treated without worrying about the cost. It was a good lesson in the importance of pet insurance.

Do you have pet insurance? Have you ever had to use it?

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4 responses to “The Importance of Pet Insurance”

  1. Eddie’s looks so adorable….and full of mischief Alison!
    We have a cat, and our last cat George was only 6 yr old when he started loosing a little weight. It was a friend who noticed it because when we saw him everyday it wasn’t as obvious. At first we thought it was because we had cut down on his biscuits as the vet had said a few short months previous that he was carrying a little too much weight. But a few weeks later he just wasn’t himself. Nothing that we could pin point, just simply not himself. So we took him to the vet and after a few tests we found out he had cancer. Unfortunately we hadn’t got pet insurance simply because the pets we both had as children with our parents were never insured (we’ve learnt since then). The tests themselves were fairly expensive and the potential treatment would have cost a fortune. Sadly the cancer was in both of his kidneys so there was very little hope of him getting better and we had to make that heart breaking decision to let him go 🙁
    I’m so glad that Eddie is back on the mend Alison,
    Angela x

  2. We learnt the importance of pet insurance recently. One of our cats is the most accident prone animal every and we were at the vets every month at one point and it cost us a fortune, so we now have insurance.

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