Top Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy and Happy

June 1, 2019

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Family life can get pretty busy, and there will be times those quick meals and unhealthy habits can start to creep into your routine. We’ve all been there, and although you may have good intentions of getting back on track, the ease of convenience seems too hard to resist. It’s not just unhealthy food that can be a temptation either, it could be not getting outside enough or not spending time just to relax and recuperate.

Finding the time can be a little challenging especially when you have tons of commitments and a to-do list the length of your arm, but taking a step back and reassessing things could help you re-evaluate those important things in life.

If you’re looking some inspiration on keeping the whole family including your furry friends happy and healthy, check out these top tips to get back on track.

Get active together

Each member of the family should be trying to get active throughout the week. However, it’s not always possible with busy schedules and clashing commitments. The kids might have an easier time at doing this than the adults as they have plenty of time to run around and play sport at school, but allocating some active time during the week could help. This doesn’t mean you have to get training for the next marathon either.

Just start with something simple and with something you enjoy, to get the blood pumping. It could simply be a walk around the park with the whole family. Plus if you have a dog, there’s no excuse not to get outside, as they need their exercise too. There are lots of things you can do as a family, including cycling, walking and swimming, and they’re really affordable or even totally free too.

Make time to chat

Another thing most people are guilty of is not making time to just have a good natter with others. Life gets in the way, and if you have kids, they might not even feel like chatting as they are glued to their phones. A great way to get everyone together is to create a digital detox session. This gives everyone the opportunity just to sit, talk and interact with the distraction of mobile phones and gadgets getting in the way. You don’t have to spend hours on end without them, but just a short amount of time to catch up with family stuff and make small talk could be great for your family dynamic. It could also be an excellent time to let everyone air their grievances about something or give feedback on the current routine and commitments they have.

Eat together

This can be extremely challenging when everyone has clashing commitments and most often different tastes. Sitting together has become a lot less common in modern lifestyles, but it’s a great way to relax and enjoy a good meal with those closest to you. You could make this time a digital detox, with no phones at the table too. Even if you can get together just a few days a week, it can spark interesting conversations and interactions that you might not get on a day to day basis.

Eat well

Convenience food can become habit forming, and it’s one that is also difficult to break away from. If you’re a person that has a busy lifestyle, preparing food can be a real chore. An excellent way to get the right nutrients and a well-balanced diet are to do some meal preparation in advance. You could spend a few hours at the weekend cooking meals that everyone will love, which can be reheated during the week. Many people think that meal preparation is just for fitness fanatics, but it can be a fantastic time saver for those that don’t have time to cook over a hot stove for hours in the evening. These meals can be used for lunches and dinners, so if you’re short on time during the day, you can quickly whip up a healthy meal without the hassle.

Save time and buy online

Time is always something we want more of, so to free up some of it during the day, skip going to the supermarket and get it delivered instead. By choosing items online, you are also in more control of what you’re buying and are more likely to avoid those tasty treats that you’d pick up if you were wandering around the store. It’s not just food you can get online either, as everything from your clothing, contact lenses, prescriptions and travel can be purchased on the Internet. You also don’t have to worry about picking up dog food or treats for your pet pooch either, as selecting items from an online pet shop can save you from making any special trips to the local pet store.

Celebrate achievements and navigate failures

When life gets in the way, some things can just pass you by without a second thought. However, when it comes to achievements, however small, they should be celebrated with the whole family. Noticing and rewarding both large and small successes can have profound effects on mental wellbeing, and help to build strong bonds of support within your family unit. There is also the issue of tackling the negative aspects and failures that can also bring everyone closer together too. Not every failure should be viewed in a negative light, and offering support and advice on how to make it work next time will help guide your family in a positive direction. Just being there for each other can make everything feel better, and in some cases, you just need to lend an ear or shoulder to cry on to help alleviate the pressure.

There are no real secrets to a happy and healthy family lifestyle, but when life gets in the way, it can be challenging to get back on track. If you can promote a positive and supportive environment within your family unit – everyone will feel comfortable coming together, even for the embarrassing family stuff.

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