Lancashire HotPot from frozen

September 20, 2011

I was recently challenged by The NewIceAge on twitter to cook a recipe using only frozen foods and as I love a challenge I said I would give it a try. The New Ice Age is a website dedicated to cooking and using frozen food so if you are looking for facts and information on frozen food this is a great place to look. Frozen vegetables can actually contain more nutrients than fresh vegetables as they are frozen straight after being picked so it can actually be healthier as well as being convenient. The other good thing is that if you have a lot of different ingredients in your freezer you are never short of something to whip up for a meal.

This is the recipe I tried:

Lancashire Hotpot

As you can see from the photo it looks rather nice. I was hoping mine would turn out as well.



This seems easy enough so I went and got all the ingredients as specified. Normally I would not use frozen onions as I have lots of fresh ones lying around the house, but the frozen onions are already diced for you which prevents tears! I definitely would keep some of these in for future for those times I run out. The recipe was really easy to make, the only problem I had was cutting the frozen potatoes into slices. The slices I made turned out quite thick, so I would definitely let your potatoes defrost for a bit before trying to do this or buy sliced ones.

I was really pleased with how it turned out.

It tasted nice as well, the perfect meal for an autumn day. It is really good that it can be prepared from frozen food as you can do your shopping in advance and not have to worry that the ingredients may go off before you use them. If you are always rushing around like a headless chicken, like me, between work and family, it is great to have meals like this you can prepare from the freezer. I will definitely be having a look at some of the other ideas and trying them out.

You can find this recipe at:

For more information:

There are also a number of recipes by Aldo Zilli on the website which I have to say look lovely.

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