Leftovers by Stella Newman

August 5, 2013

Leftovers by Stella Newman is a perfect book for putting in your bag and taking away on holiday with you. Susie is in her thirties, single, stuck in a dead end job and looking for something more. She has discovered that she is categorised as a leftover from answering a quiz in a magazine. She knows there must be more to life but is not quite ready to take the plunge and try something new. Her friends keep pushing her to try internet dating but Susie is happy stalking her ex on facebook.  She is also a great cook, and a firm believer in her Grandmothers adage that there is a pasta dish for every occasion. She loves cooking and has a cupboard full of odds and ends waiting to be created into a perfect dish.

Leftovers by Steell Newman

Susie has a plan, she is going to reach the end of the year, get her promotion and bonus and quit to find her perfect career in food. Her current advertising job finds her stuck in the middle trying to appease clients and her boss. She is good at it but not pushy enough to get to where she should be. Events conspire and force her into a position where she must make a stand. How will it work out?

Leftovers is a great read, I found myself smiling though the book and at times bursting into laughter as I recognised some of the situations. The characters are wonderful and I really identified with them. It is a very enjoyable book and leaves you feeling uplifted at the end. I will definitely be reading more books by this author.

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