A luxury Christmas hamper for a special gift

November 3, 2017
Fabulous Christmas hamper from Prestige Hampers

A luxury Christmas hamper is perfect for a special gift. Unwrapping it is a source of excitement and the treats inside can be enjoyed for days to come.

Christmas is a magical time. It is the one time of year when all the family come together. The time spent together is special. You get a chance to catch up, share family traditions and jokes over a delicious meal.

Part of Christmas involves choosing the perfect gift for all your family members. Some of them are easy to buy for, but others are difficult. It can take ages to choose the ideal gift. Unwrapping the presents is done after eating dinner and is a bit of an occasion . You want everyone to unwrap something special.

A Luxury Christmas Hamper

Have you ever thought about giving a Christmas hamper as a special gift? Christmas is the time for hampers. There is something exciting about unwrapping a present and finding a wicker basket inside. You know that the basket will be full of special treats. Things you wouldn’t normally get for yourself. Opening the hamper only builds the excitement. As you remove each of the treasures inside you secretly plan how you are going to enjoy them.

Christmas hamper from Prestige Hamper

Hampers always make a special gift. When I was little I remember putting together a Christmas hamper for my grandparents. While my parents chose most of the items to add my brothers and I also got to pick something. It was lovely watching our grandparents unwrap their gift and see their excitement as they looked inside. Why not treat someone to the same excitement this Christmas?

A luxury Christmas hamper from Prestige Hampers

While you can put together your own hamper it is often easier to buy a fully stocked hamper. Prestige hampers have a wide range of luxury Christmas hampers to choose from. Recently they sent me their Fabulous Christmas hamper to have a look at.  This is their best selling Christmas hamper and it contains a wide range of different items that any family will love. ( RRP £49.99)

The first thing that struck me was the shape of the hamper. It is a vertical hamper which is an unusual shape. I already have thought of all sorts of things I can use the hamper for when it is empty. Opening the hamper was lots of fun. Only by removing one item can you see another. Taking them out one by one I laid them out to discover the contents.

The contents are protected with loads of paper shreds so you know that the hamper will arrive safely with nothing broken.

Fabulous Christmas hamper from Prestige Hampers

Fabulous Christmas Hamper Contents List

Seriously hitting the festive spot, the hamper is full of wine, chocolate, crisps and even a Christmas pudding. Everything you would wish to nibble on over the holiday season. It is a good mix of treats which anyone would love for Christmas.

The hamper has the following contents:

My hamper had two jars of the strawberry jam rather than the marmalade. This was not a problem as the jam is really nice. There was plenty to appeal to all the family, the crisps were a big hit and did not last long at all.

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Is the Christmas hamper good value?

I think that the Christmas hamper is good value. It has a good selection of different products which are useful as well as being treats. Some hampers include items which look good but never get used. This is not the case here, everything will be eaten. The hamper can be used for other things later and is a lasting reminder of the gift.

Putting together your own hamper takes time. You need to locate a suitable hamper and then find enough items to fill it. Buying a ready made hamper like this saves time but is still a thoughtful gift. Any family member would be happy to have this luxury Christmas hamper as a gift.

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A luxury Christmas hamper for Prestige hampers. A great Christmas gift idea. See what is inside

I was sent the hamper in order to do a review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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6 responses to “A luxury Christmas hamper for a special gift”

  1. I do love the excitement of unpacking a Christmas hamper, full of little luxuries that you don’t normally buy 🙂

  2. Galina V says:

    Hampers are my favourite gifts. What a lovely selection of delicious treats!

  3. Anca says:

    I like Christmas hampers too. I think they make a really wonderful gift.

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