Make Walkies a Doddle – Review

October 22, 2014

My dog loves going out for walks, say the word “walkies” and he will get very excited. He will jump around and woof until you put his lead on and open the door. Often when I come down in the morning to take Eddie for his walk, I find that my son has put the lead somewhere and I can’t find it. This results in an excited dog waking everyone up while I have to hunt around the house to find his lead. When I heard about Doddle for Dogs I was really interested to give it a try. Featured on the Dragons Den, Doddle for Dogs is a dog collar which contains a hidden retractable lead. This means that when I want to take Eddie for a walk I no longer have to search the house to find his lead, it is there on his collar and just needs to be pulled out. It is a great idea.

Doddle for dogsThe lead itself is contained in a lightweight pod on the collar. The pod does not seem to annoy Eddie in any way he is happy enough to wear the collar in the same way he does a normal collar. The pod itself is only 5cm in diameter and it is not bulky.

Doddle for dogsWhen I want to remove the lead from the collar I just pull on the tab and the lead extends. The lead is about 1m when extended, so it is the same length as a normal short lead. The material is strong as well, it is guaranteed to hold a dog up to 27kg which is the size of a small Labrador. I had no problems holding Eddie with it. Doddle for dogsWhen I want to let him roam free I can just let go of the lead and it will retract into the pod. This means I don’t have to carry a lead with me leaving my hands free. If I need to grab him in a hurry I can and don’t have to fiddle around trying to clip a lead to his collar. There is an eyelet on the lead as well so I attached all Eddie’s dog tags so I can be contacted if he does get lost.

Doddle for dogsMy son loved using this lead as well. He found that as well as it being great outdoors he could now grab the lead and get the dog to go with him whilst he was in the house. It also comes in handy when someone is at the door, it makes it easy to grab the dog and prevent him escaping.

I really liked the Doddle for Dogs dog collar, it was really easy to use and made walkies a doddle. I would have liked a slightly longer lead so that Eddie had a bit more freedom, but if you are just walking your dog on the streets the length is ideal. I would also like it if the Doddle for Dogs came in a light up version now the nights are getting darker. I can easily get a little light to add to the collar though. A big advantage is that the collar can be cleaned in a washing machine, great now the paths are getting muddier.

The Doddle is RRP £24 and is currently available in 2 sizes: neck size small 28cm-32cm, or a neck size medium of 32cm-40cm. For an additional £8.99 Doddle offers an engraving service. Two lines of text can be added to the pod, perfect for adding your details in case your dog goes astray.

Doddle for Dogs Giveaway

If you have a dog of your own and would love a Doddle, Doddle for Dogs are kindly running a giveaway where you can win one. I am hosting the giveaway on their behalf so please read the terms and conditions in the rafflecopter widget. The giveaway ends on 08/11/2014 at 12:00 PM (London). If you do enter good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was sent a Doddle for dogs collar in return for an honest review.

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7 responses to “Make Walkies a Doddle – Review”

  1. Julie Roo says:

    Such a cute little woofer. 🙂 Fab review Alison.

  2. Martha Smith says:

    What a sweet little dog in the pics. I love the idea of this lead I have three dogs in small, medium and large sizes, I would love to get one for all of them, I wonder how tough they are for the larger breeds?. I think I’ll have to visit their website and investigate further. Thanks for giving me the chance to enter this great competition. x

  3. Zowee Moore says:

    Fab Giveaway!!

  4. Rachel Marr says:

    What a great idea! My mini Jack Russell goes mad when I get her harness out and is totally of the wall by the time I’m trying to attach her lead! This would be fantastic!

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