Medieval Mischief at Newcastle Castle

July 5, 2016

Medieval Mischief at Newcastle Castle took the castle back to medieval times as it was taken over by the past.

A few weeks ago my twitter friends visited Newcastle and we met for the first time. We had a lovely night out, eating at Viva Brazil on Grey Street. They had to leave the next afternoon so we took the opportunity to have a look around Newcastle. We visited the Quayside and popped into the Quayside market. We also had a wander around the Baltic, an art gallery on the Gateshead side of the river. On the way back to Central Station we passed Newcastle Castle and noticed that Medieval Mischief was on.

Castle Keep Newcastle

Medieval Mischief at Newcastle Castle

Newcastle Castle is a medieval fortress near Central Station in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. We have visited Newcastle Castle before and really enjoyed our visit, finding out a lot about the part the castle played in the history of Newcastle. It is worth walking to the top of the castle for the stunning views across the city. Medieval Mischief was the takeover of the castle by people from medieval times. There were plenty of craft stalls, gifts and food as well as demonstrations and displays about medieval life.  Medieval Mischief was arranged by Time and Tide events who were responsible for the Mercutus, or Roman market, at Segedenum which we went to last year.

Newcastle Castle is made up of two parts, Black Gate and the Castle Keep.  We started off by going into the Black Gate which is the 13th Century Gatehouse.  We noticed a wandering minstral and a buffoon outside the gatehouse as we arrived and we followed them into the Black Keep.

Medieval Mischief

Medeval Mischief at Newcastle Castle

Inside the Black Keep

Inside the Black Keep were plenty of food and craft stalls. We tried some samples of mead from the Lancashire Mead Company. Mead is an alcoholic drink made from fermenting honey and whilst it tastes sweet is quite strong. I loved the names of the meads, Vikings Blood, Freya and Odin among others. They all have a slightly different taste as slightly different things have been added during the fermenting process.

Medieval Mischief

I also bought some pies from this pie stall to take home for my husband to try later.  They had a great selection and some of the pies used medieval herbs like chicken and comfrey.

Medieval Mischief at Newcastle Castle

The Castle Keep

Leaving the Black Gate we headed to the Castle Keep, the castle’s fortified stone tower. There were plenty of stalls on the way to the keep as well as a chance to get your face painted. If you fancied a cake there were plenty to choose from.

Medieval Mischief at Newcastle Castle

Inside the keep were plenty of displays about medieval life. We were shown how difficult it was to dress a knight, I definitely would not fancy wearing that armour.

Medieval Mischief at Newcastle Castle

There were also displays on how to prepare food and falconry. I find birds of prey fascinating and recently had a chance to hold a kestrel. This time we got close to a Harrier Hawk and an owl, both of which are beautiful creatures.

Medieval Mischief at Newcastle Castle

Harrier hawk at Medieval Mischiief

Owl at Medieval Mischief

There was plenty more to see but we did not have time. The short time we spent there was really interesting and we learnt about what it was like to live in medieval times.

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10 responses to “Medieval Mischief at Newcastle Castle”

  1. This looks like so much fun Alison – I’ve never been to one of the Time and Tide events but always fancied them – I’m hoping to get to their Christmas event x

  2. It looks so interesting! I have never been to Newcastle and actually did not know it had such a gorgeous castle…

  3. I absolutely loved visiting castles when I was a kid, still do. I remember Dover Castle used to put on events like this one with dressing up and reenactments and archery. One time we went and my mum told the guy playing the post horn that I could do it better, so he made me have a go in the middle of the field with 100s of people watching. Very embarrassing but kind of cool as I did actually manage to play it ok!!

  4. Ami says:

    I’ve heard the views from the top of the castle are brilliant! There’s a photography course that rents out the castle to get access to all areas for photos 🙂 Im going on a bird of prey photography course soon, they’re spectacular birds aren’t they x

  5. This looks such a great event, I have never actually visited Newcastle Castle – I really must sometime x

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