My Pet Story with PetPlan

July 25, 2018
Cavlier king charles spaniel
Do you have a pet? If you do you will have a pet story. A story about how much they enrich your life. Read on to find out my pet story about my dog, Eddie.
Owning a pet is an incredible experience. They give you so much love and companionship. There is nothing nicer than coming home to be welcomed by a wagging tail. They require love and attention but it is worth it.

My Pet Story

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I own a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Eddie. He is part of our family and is a real character. As a child the only pets I had were goldfish and a tortoise. Eddie is my first dog and it is a pleasure having him in our family.
Eddie has been in our family for seven years now. It is really hard to imagine life without him.
Cavlier king charles spaniel

Choosing to get a dog

Choosing to get a dog is not a decision to be made lightly. Dogs require love and attention. They need regular exercise in all weather. You are responsible for training your dog, giving him the right diet and ensuring he is well groomed.
When you get a dog he will need regular vaccinations and worm and flea treatment to keep in in good health. If he does become ill vet’s bills can be expensive so you need to consider these.

Fortunately our vet does a good plan where for a small monthly price we get all Eddie’s vaccinations, flea treatments and worm treatments included. He even gets two claw clips a year. I also have Petplan Pet Insurance which helps with vet bills if Eddie gets sick.

Fortunately Eddie is generally in good health apart from one incident. He was very ill with pancreatitis and ended up in vet hospital overnight. Having the insurance really helped. I knew I could get him treatment without worry over the cost. He has now made a full recovery and is back to his lovable self.

Cavlier king charles spaniel

Meeting our dog

We got our dog through an accidental twist of fate. One of my husband’s friends knew of a dog who was looking for a home. He was six months old and had spent most of that time being passed from one family to another due to no fault of his own. My husband always had dogs as pets. He thought getting this dog would be good for my son.

After some discussion we got Eddie. He was a surprise for my son so my husband took him home when we were away visiting my parents. My husband put Eddie in the kitchen and shut the door. After picking us up at the airport we came home. My son went into the kitchen. It was a real comedy moment, my son walked into the kitchen, saw Eddie and just stopped with his foot in mid air. It was a real surprise for him. They are now firm friends.

Adventures with our dog

Since we got Eddie we have been on many adventures with our dog. Having to take him for walks has been a great way to explore our local area. We have found many things on our doorstep like a birds of prey centre.  Taking the dog out on long walks is a great way to spend time together as a family.

As well as local adventures we have taken Eddie on holiday with us. Eddie is not keen on going in the car. I think he thinks we are going to leave him or he is being taken to a new family. We have become great experts what essentials you need for travelling with dogs. He has been on a number of caravan holidays with us and really enjoys exploring new places.

Cavlier king charles spaniel

How our dog changed our lives

If you have never had a dog it is hard to imagine how much they can change your life. They become like another member of the family. They are an amazing companion who help fill the day with positivity. These are some of the changes we found when we adopted Eddie that changed our lives for the better.

Mornings start early

Lie ins are a thing of the past. Once the sun comes in the windows Eddie knows that it is time to be awake. He will start squeaking until someone wakes up and pets him. Once he is up then it is time to take him out for a walk and to feed him.

 We get more exercise

Everyone needs exercise but it can be hard to fit it into a busy life. When you have a dog you have to go outside and walk him, whatever the weather. The family get more exercise and are healthier as a result.

He helps build social skills

Social skills are something that need to be learnt. When you are out walking your dog you will find they like to socialise with other dogs. This often leads to conversation with their owners. Through walking the dog my son has learnt to socialise with a range of different people which has been a bit benefit to him.

Someone is waiting when we get home

Whenever we leave the house and come back we are greeted with a wagging tail and doggy kisses. It doesn’t matter if we have been away ten minutes or an hour we always get a warm welcome.

He knows if you are upset

Eddie is always there to listen if you need to talk and never tells you are stupid. He knows if anyone in the family is upset and will come over to give them doggy cuddles. Taking to and petting your dog helps lower blood pressure which helps keep us more healthy.

There is someone there to guard us

Eddie loves to guard us. His favourite position is lying on the windowsill looking out. We always know if someone is passing the house as he will let us know. He is also very aware of what is going on inside the house and if he hears a strange noise he will alert us.

He wants our meals

It is no longer possible to eat without sad eyes looking up at us. Whenever he sees food he will follow it and sit and look at the person who is eating it. Human food is bad for dogs so we give him a doggy treat instead.

Do you have a dog? How have they changed your life? Let me know below.

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My pet story. How I got my dog and how hes changed my life

This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own

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  1. Anca says:

    How lovely. I talked about this on my blog, a few years ago, I left the link if you want to see. I had Festus for 8 years and it did change my life in many ways.

  2. Great story. I love your Eddie. I totally agree with you, the dog has changed our lives in the very positive way. a dog really helps us to build up social skills. Thanks for sharing!

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