Seven secrets for the perfect Christmas table

December 13, 2017
Orly Kieley salt and pepper set from Amara

hese ten secrets for the perfect Christmas table will make your guests feel welcome. A few little touches can make the table seem festive.

Christmas dinner is a special occasion. For many of us it is a time when the extended family gets together under one roof. Several generations of one family come together and have a meal. Getting the meal ready on time can often be a military operation. Preparing the perfect Christmas dinner takes planning and organisation.

As well as getting the dinner ready you need to ensure that you have enough plates, cutlery, serving dishes and spoons. Sorting out the dinner table can be just as difficult as sorting out the meal. If you have a lot of people eating you need to ensure you have enough room for everyone.

Christmas Tree

Ten secrets for the perfect Christmas table

Setting the Christmas table can be a family affair. Keep your kids out of the kitchen and make them responsible for setting the table. Once you have extended the table and put all the seats in place ask your children to put everything else in place. Once they have got the basic plate settings in order you can add some finishing touches to make the table feel special.

Festive Table Cloth

Set the scene with a festive table cloth. Either get one with a festive design or choose one in a bright colour like red. This will make the table stand out and act as a backdrop for all the dishes. Just be sure not to choose white as it will be harder to clean after the meal.

Named place-mats

When you have a lot of people for dinner you want to get them sat down at the table as quickly as possible. Why not use your computer to create place-mats with names on? You can print them out on coloured A4 paper and add some festive clip art round the edge. Not only do they look pretty it ensures everyone knows where they should sit. Fold paper napkins and put them in the glasses so everyone knows where they are.

Add a centre piece

Have a centre piece in the centre of the table. This could be a fancy candle or a plant. Pine branches with a candle in the centre also works well and gives the table a festive feel. Don’t make the centre piece too large as you will need room on the table for all the food. A scented candle will add a lovely scent to the room. These do not need to be in the centre of the table but you could scatter them round the room to add ambience.

Amara is a great place to pick up luxury gifts and designer homewear which will help make your festive table look special. I love this Voluspa scented candle from Amara in Aurantia and Blackberry. Not only does it smell gorgeous but the tin has a lovely design which will look great on your shelves when not in use.

Voluspa scented candle in tin from Amara

Use plate warmers and trivets

Christmas dinner is the one time when you have lots of dishes on the table. Plate warmers are an excellent way to keep plates warm. Not only are they functional, they look pretty as well. I love the ones with candles in, they add a festive touch to the table.

For hot dishes you need to protect the table. This is where a trivet can come in very handy. I love this circle outline trivet from Ferm available in Amara. Made from a smoked oak veneer it protects your table while looking stylish.

Ferm circle outline tivet from Amara

Use special plates to serve the dinner

Every house has a set of plates that are kept for special occasions. These may be heirlooms, plates that have come from your grandparents that you love. They may just be pretty plates that you keep for best. Serving the Christmas dinner on special plates makes it seem much more of an occasion. I love this spaniel plate by Joules from Amara. It reminds me of my dog, Eddie. This plate makes an appearance at Christmas for serving mince pies on.

Spaniel tea plate by Joules from Amara

Don’t forget to put out plenty of serving spoons and forks. You can guarantee they will all be needed.

Don’t forget the condiments

On a large table it can be hard to pass things from end to end. Having a set of salt and pepper at each end of the table and in the middle can make things easier for everyone. Add jars of cranberry sauce, mustard and other condiments and spoons along side the salt and pepper. It cuts down on passing things round the table.  I love these owl salt and pepper shakers from Orly Kiely available on Amara. They also come in a frilly chicken variety. They add a little quirkiness to the festive table.


Add crackers beside each place setting. It wouldn’t be Christmas without crackers. It is fun to pull them with the family before you start eating.  We all love telling the silly jokes and wearing the paper hats while we eat the meal.

Do you have any ways you make the perfect festive table? Let me know below.

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I was sent some items from Amara to feature in the post. My opinions are honest and my own.

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