Affordable Ways To Prep Your Home For Selling

November 29, 2018

Selling a home, whether it’s your first or your fifth can be an equally exciting and trying time. It’s unfortunately not as simple as just listing the property for sale and handing over the keys to the first person who puts in an offer – before that can happen there’s all the legal stuff to get through, finding a new place, and making sure that your current place is as ready as it can be to sell so that you’ll hopefully walk away with a decent profit from your past investment.

In this post, we’re going to share some useful and simple tips with you on affordable ways you can prep your home for selling so that you can attract genuine buyers, sell as quickly as you need to, and make as much profit as you’d hoped.


If you ever needed a great excuse to get rid of all your old junk that you no longer need or want, then moving house is surely it. However, instead of waiting until moving day when the place is already sold to start having a clear out, then you’re actually better doing this once you know you’re ready to put the place on the market and want to start attracting buyers. The last thing someone wants to see when coming to look at a potential future home is all your stuff lying around – yes, they know you live there, but you’re trying to sell the place, so make it presentable so that they can imagine themselves living there.

Add some color:

One of the fastest and most affordable ways to give any room a freshen up is by adding some new color to the walls. You certainly don’t have to go crazy and start bringing out every color of the rainbow, but just a bright or bold color on one wall will already be enough to change the whole look and feel of your home and give a brand new impression to those coming to view it.

Spruce up the garden:

Although the garden is the first thing anyone visiting your home is going to see and essentially forms their first impression of the place and maybe even shapes their view of what the inside may look like, many people tend to overlook this part when it comes to selling up, and that’s a big mistake. You certainly don’t have to spend a lot of money or go crazy by calling in an expensive landscaping team, but doing some basic Grounds maintenance or even just cutting the grass and tidying up a bit can make a huge positive difference.

Call in any repairs:

Are there any last minute repairs or things you’ve been putting off for a while, such as plumbing issues or fixing that broken roof tile? Now is the time to take care of these things, because, not only can they help give a better impression of the property to potential buyers, but any bigger repairs can actually increase the value.

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