Preparing for a wedding.

July 7, 2014

Recently my brother got married in the Scottish Highlands. Big family occasions are always lovely but preparing for a wedding is always difficult. It is important to look smart, as if you have made an effort. Choosing an outfit that looks nice is difficult. I spent ages walking around different stores looking for something that leapt out and grabbed me. There was very little that I actually liked. When I found something that looked nice when I tried it on it just did not look the way I thought it would. Eventually I did find a dress I liked but then I had to find matching shoes and a bag. I won’t even go into how hard it is to find a hat.

It is just as hard for men, you have no idea how many suit shops we visited before we found one my husband liked. Then we had to get a shirt and tie that matched. We also had to get a suit for my son to ensure that he looked smart. He was insistent that he wanted a suit that made him look like a gangster, but was pleased with the one he ended up with. Here they are together, looking smart. Do you think my son achieved the gangster look?

   Wedding suitsMy son finished the look with a purple tie which he is not wearing here. I think he looks really smart. My husband was struggling to find a shirt to wear with his suit until he had a look at Jacamo. The shirt is a Black Label Double Collar Texture shirt by Jacamo. (RRP £35) The detailing around the collar and the sleeves made it look a little different as well as being really smart. The white buttons also make it look classy.

Jacamo shirtIt looks nice with or without a tie, he wore a blue tie for the actual wedding which looked lovely. . You can see the pattern around the collar, cuffs and inside the button flap of the shirt better in this picture. His belt is also from Jacamo, a smart buckle belt (RRP £12), which perfectly complemented the suit. 

Jacamo shirtThe shirt is also perfect for casual wear and he teamed it for the evening do with a pair of Jacamo Stretch chinos in tobacco (RRP £25). He was really pleased with the fit of the trousers, normally he takes them in or takes them up but these were perfect.

Jacamo chinosAs for the wedding the weather was gorgeous, the scenery was beautiful and it all went really well. My husband was really comfortable in his outfit which really helped him enjoy the event.

Disclosure: I was sent some items from Jacamo in return for an honest review.

4 responses to “Preparing for a wedding.”

  1. Jenni Tulip says:

    Your hubby is a blogger pose natural! He should start his own blog- there are so few male bloggers out there and so many brands wanting to advertise to males!
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  2. Janice says:

    Both guys looking really cool!

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