QSilica Remove Cleansing Gel

November 7, 2012

A while ago I reviewed Qsilica Nutrient Boost Face and Neck Moisturiser and I was delighted to be asked to try the new cleanser in the Qsilica range, Qsilica Remove Cleansing Gel.

Qsilica remove cleaning gel

Qsilica products are available from Planet Health and is a natural range. Every product is free from chemicals, parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, Phthalates, Propylene glycol, alcohol,and synthetic additives or fragrances and none of the products are tested on animals. I prefer natural products as my skin can be very sensitive but the other thing I noted about this product was that Qsilica REMOVE ‘Make up & Grime’ Remover has won overall ‘Best Skincare Product’  and ‘Best Face Care Product’ in the 2012 FreeFrom Skincare Awards. It sounded worth investigating.

All Qsilica products contain colloidal silica, which acts to visible fight signs of ageing. Colloidal silica contains small particles of silica suspending in liquid. Silica is a naturally occurring mineral found in sand but has also been linked with natural more radiant skin. It is a mineral that is important  for the healthy growth  skin, hair, nails and teeth and also helps in the production of collagen for the skin. As well as the silica Qsilica Remove Cleansing Gel contains natural Sugar and Coconut extracts which  gently remove impurities and  Jojoba Seed Oil  to remove excess oils and balance the skin’s natural oil production.

Qsilica remove cleaning gel

I loved the stylish black packaging that this product comes in. When opening the box the tube is also black and looks rather smart on the bathroom shelf. The product itself is a transparent gel which squeezes easily out of the tube. There is no strong smell associated with the product which is quite nice. A small blob is all that is needed to cleanse your face effectively, it slides gently across the face feeling slightly sticky but then foams up just the right amount. It rinses off easily with warm water and leaves your skin feeling clean but not tight. It also removed make up from my face without undue scrubbing. I sometimes find mascara can cling on determined never to go, but with this product I had no problem removing it.

I really liked this product and found that it was effective and did exactly what it said it would. It did not cause any problems with my skin and after using it for a few weeks I think the condition of my skin is better. You can obtain Qsilica Remove Cleansing Gel from Planet Health and it is also available in Revital Health Stores, Harrods Pharmacy, Lloydspharmacy in Selfridges, John Bell & Croyden, Bodywise Health Stores and G Baldwin & Co. RRP £15.95

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