Ravensburger Big Ben Silhouette Puzzle

November 18, 2016

If you are a fan of puzzles the Ravensbuger Big Ben Silhouette puzzle will keep you busy for ages. This is a shaped puzzle which features Big Ben and other London landmarks.

Every so often I like to do a jigsaw puzzle. There is something relaxing about having a puzzle on the table and taking the odd few minutes to figure out which pieces go where. I take my time, adding a few pieces each time I pass the puzzle. Eventually the pieces all fall into place and there is a sense of achievement that comes with having finished. Recently I have been trying the Ravensburger Big Ben, 1155pc Silhouette Jigsaw puzzle The puzzle is in the shape of Big Ben and features Big Ben along with other famous London landmarks. When complete the puzzle will be a metre high.

Ravensburger Big ben Silhouette puzzle

Ravensburger Big Ben Silhouette Puzzle

The box is sturdy and contains a bag with the jigsaw pieces and a warranty.  The front of the box shows what the puzzle should look like when complete. As well as Big Ben you can see London Bridge, a telephone box, London taxi and a London bus. These are all iconic landmarks that visitors to London will be familiar with. The back of the box shows the other jigsaws in the silhouette range. The puzzle pieces are well made and sturdy. When joined together the jigsaw is smooth and it could be made into a wall hanging when complete.

I have to admit I am finding the Ravensburger Big Ben Silhouette puzzle a bit of a challenge. I am used to doing square or rectangular jigsaws. My usual approach is to complete the outside of the jigsaw and then fill in the middle. With this jigsaw this approach is more difficult. The curved nature of the sides does not make it easy to work out what goes where. The puzzle is also very large and I am going to have to move it off my jigsaw board in the near future as it will not fit. Before you start it would be a good idea to make sure you have a big enough area to assemble it.

curved pieces of Ravensburger silhoutte puzzle

I have managed to do some of the edges but have found a better approach is to try and put together some of the areas which have a distinctive pattern. The clock face is one of these areas and I have almost managed to complete this section. The walls of Big Ben are a little bit harder as all the pieces are of a similar colour. It will take me a while to figure this out. There do seem to be lots of areas which have similar colours. There are lots of areas with plenty of red, yellow and blue which makes completing the puzzle a little harder. Searching for the pieces becomes more of a challenge because of this.

Ravensburger big ben silhoutte puzzle

The easiest thing to do is to look for the pieces with detail on and try and fit these together. I had success with the front of the bus for example. It was easy to find pieces with lettering on and fit them together.

Ravensburger big Ben Silhoutte jigsaw

In Summary

The Ravensburger Big Ben Silhouette jigsaw is proving to be more of a challenge, it is a lot harder to do. Having said that I am enjoying the challenge. I will certainly be happy when I finally complete the puzzle. If you know someone who loves jigsaws this would be a perfect gift. Just make sure they have a table big enough to hold it first.

I was sent the puzzle in order to do a review. My opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Galina V says:

    That’s a tricky one. Last year I did a similar Star Wars-themed puzzle, and found it very difficult, as there were shapes inside the main image, it was all rather confusing. If my friend who’s a jigsaw puzzle fiend didn’t help me, I would have never being able to finish it.

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