Sausage and onion quiche

September 26, 2016

Sausage and onion quiche is a delicious twist on quiche Lorraine.  Comforting bites of sausage mix well with the tang of onion to make a tasty dish.

Autumn is officially here, we are past the equinox. Mornings are getting chillier and the nights are getting shorter. Soon leaves will be littering the ground and we will be getting up in the dark. Summer is still trying to hang on at the moment with bursts of warm weather later in the afternoon. Days like these call for comfort food with a twist of summer. Sausage and onion quiche provides exactly that. Sausages are a classic Autumn dish. Who hasn’t toasted them over the fire on bonfire night? Quiche speaks of summer and picnics in the park. The combination of the two is perfect for these early Autumn days.

Sausage and onion quiche

Sausage and onion quiche

Are you looking forward to Autumn? Early Autumn is quite mysterious with fog swirling round the fields in the mornings. Darker evenings allow you to see the stars and often a hint of smoke hangs in the air. Halloween and Bonfire night are great reasons to celebrate with roaring fires and hot chocolate. You can swish though piles of leaves scattering them in your wake. Autumn also brings my birthday another thing to look forward to. Sausage and onion quiche will be perfect when the days are cooler as well, it can be served warm with steaming vegetables beside it.

Quiche is a classic recipe that is easy to make and looks impressive. First roll out your shortcrust pastry and use it to line a pie dish. The pastry needs to be baked blind for about 15 minutes to avoid a soggy bottom. Baking blind is a funny expression, you do not need to blindfold yourself and try and put the dish in the oven. It just needs to pastry needs to be placed in the oven in the dish to precook. It is a good idea to use baking beans to keep the pastry in place while it bakes. Baking beans are round ceramic beads that you can get specifically for this task. Don’t forget to put some baking parchment on top of the pastry before baking or they might stick to it. If you don’t have baking beans uncooked rice works well.

sausage and onion quiche

While the pastry is cooking cook your sausages. Choose a good quality sausage and either fry it or grill it until it is ready. I fried mine and also cooked the onions at the same time. I chopped the onions into rings and fried them until they were golden. The rings look rather pretty in the finished quiche. Chop the sausages into small pieces and place them in the quiche base with the onion rings. Finally mix eggs, cream and grated cheese and pour this into the base. The quiche is then cooked for around thirty minutes until the filling is solid.

Debbie & Andrew’s buttered onion and mustard sausages

To make my sausage and onion quiche I used Debbie & Andrew’s buttered onion and mustard sausages. These sausages are a finalist in the Great British Food Awards and I can see why. They have a lovely subtle onion and mustard taste which complements the sausage perfectly. Debbie & Andrew’s buttered onion and mustard sausages would also be lovely for breakfast or with gravy and mash for tea.

Debbie and Andrew's buttered onion and mustard sauages

Did you know that it is British sausage week between the 31st October and the 6th November? This allows us to celebrate Halloween and bonfire night with bangers. It is also the start of the winter sausage sales season.  Look out for Debbie and Andrew’s new launches at this time. There will be a new Christmas Garnish box with a 24 piece Christmas selection including mini caramelised red onion stuffing balls, pigs in blankets and cocktail sausages. These will all be gluten, wheat and dairy free. You will also be able to get Debbie & Andrew’s perfect pork chipolatas to serve with your turkey. These are Red Tractor approved.

Sausage and onion quiche recipe

Sausage and onion quiche



  • packet of shortcrust pastry or make your own
  • four sausages
  • one onion
  • 300 ml double cream
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 g grated cheese


  • Preheat the oven to 180C Gas Mark 4
  • Roll out the pastry and use it to line a flan tin which has been greased.
  • Bake blind for 15 minutes then set to one side
  • Peel and chop the onion into rings
  • Cook the sausages in a frying pan until they are done. Chop into pieces and add to the pastry case.
  • Cook the onion rings until golden and add to the pastry case
  • Mix together the cream, eggs and grated cheese and pour into the pastry case.
  • Bake for 30 minutes until the filling is set and golden
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Sausage and onion quiche recipe

If you are looking for other ideas for quiche why not try goats’ cheese Mediterranean quiche which is simple and tasty? With Halloween on the way I also have some simple ideas for Halloween party food.

I was sent some Debbie and Andrew’s buttered onion and mustard sausages to try. I was not obliged to be nice and my opinions are my own.


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  1. We went into overkill on sausages in Lanzarote because they had a full English breakfast with loads of sausages on offer every day, but I really fancy some now ! 🙂

  2. Suze - Luxury Columnist says:

    I’m a big fan of quiche although when I was younger I insisted on calling it flan!

  3. DogsToLove says:

    I didn’t know anything about the sausage week. Thank you for the information. And the recipes is awesome, as always. Keep rocking pal!

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