Scenting your home with Puressentiel

January 19, 2017

Scenting your home with Puressentiel will help create a welcoming space. The essential oils  will help relax and calm you adding ambience to your home.

When it is cold outside there is nothing nicer than making your home feel cosy. What could be better than coming in out of the cold to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A nice warm throw will add some style to your sofa but will also double up to keep you warm while watching the telly. Extra cushions add comfort and allow you to prop up your head up. Adding cosiness to the house seems to be very much a thing these days. There are references to hygge everywhere. This is the Danish art of making a home cosy and it is not pronounced how it looks. Apparently it is said hue-gah in a way to rhyme with cougar.

The effect of scent on the mind

For me cosiness is not so much about the comfort and warmth, although a good electric blanket is always handy on a cold night. Adding scent to your home can create a welcoming atmosphere. Scent can bring back memories of times long ago. If you are a child of the seventies the scent of Charlie can whisk you back to your childhood. It was the in scent for teenage girls at the time. For me the scent of pine always takes me back to Christmas as a child. We always had a real Christmas tree and the smell hit you whenever you went past.

As well as evoking memories scents can change our behaviour and alter the mood. The smell of sour milk can make you feel anxious or the scent of baking bread can make you feel hungry. The healing properties of scent has been know for centuries. Victorian ladies smelling salts contained lavender. The smell reduces the heart rate and lowers stress hormones. The effect of scent on the mood is so powerful that a complementary therapy, aromatherapy, has grown up around it.  Using a pleasant scent in your home can help improve your mood and increase a sense of general well being.  There are many ways to do this, from scented candles to heat diffusers.

Puressential heat diffuser

Scenting your home with Puressentiel

Recently I was sent a Puressentiel gentle heat diffuser and some Puressentiel relax blend to try out. January is a time when most people get the January blues. The excitement of Christmas has gone and January can seem a long month. The weather does not help, with grey and bleak days and long dark nights. Adding some scent into the home can lift the mood and help prevent the January blues.

Puressential gentle heat diffuser and relax blend essential oil

The Puressentiel relax blend is a mixture of essential oils that help to promote sleep, induce relaxation and calm tensions. There are quite a few different oils in there to create this calming effect, amongst them you will find tea tree, eucalyptus, orange, rosemary and pine. Twenty to twenty five drops of the oil need to be put in the Puressential heat diffuser which you then plug in and switch on.

The heat diffuser comes in blue or white and has a pleasing shape which can easily be put on a shelf or table. It is made of ceramic and certainly feels robust. When you switch it on a blue light shines from the front of the unit indicating it is in use. The until will switch off automatically after 58 minutes, which is a great safety feature. After adding the oil to the diffuser and switching it on a pleasant smell starts to pervade the room. The scent is uplifting and not overpowering creating a welcoming atmosphere in the room. The subtle fragrance is perfect for creating a sense of cosiness in the house.

Puressential gentle heat diffuser

What did I think of the Puressential heat diffuser?

The Puressential heat diffuser is easy to use and the design is stylish. I am quite happy to have this on my shelf. I need to be careful I have the diffuser where it can’t be knocked over by the dog. The cable was long enough for me to place it up a height so it was safe. I also like the fact it turns off after an hour as it would be easy to forget to turn it off. The heat diffuser is RRP £24.85 which is a good price as it can be reused. Scented candles can cost just as much and once they are burned they are gone. With this heat diffuser you can alter the scent to match your mood as well.

As well as the relax blend Puressential also have an air purifying blend which will eliminate bad smells and a respiratory blend to help you breath more freely. I like the relax blend, it certainly lifts the mood and helps you sleep. The oils are RRP £12.10 for 30ml. These should last quite a while as you only need to use 20 drops at a time. The scent lingers in the room for a while after you have used the diffuser as well. Scenting your home with Puressential is really easy.

How do you add cosiness to your home? Let me know below.

I was sent the Puressential heat diffuser and relax blend to try out. I did not have to be nice and my opinions are my own.

Adding scent to your home with puressential heat diffusers.

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4 responses to “Scenting your home with Puressentiel”

  1. Galina V says:

    It looks very pretty. Good that it switches off automatically, that’s a handy feature.

  2. Nice review. I haven’t used their essential oils but one of my friend gifted me Puressentiel Anti-Hair Loss Serum. I liked it but then it ran out and I couldn’t order any further.

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