Seven Spring Cleaning Tips

March 26, 2015

It is finally starting to feel like spring. When I took the dog for a walk the grass verges were covered in daffodils, the bright yellow colour reflecting in the morning sun. The days are lighter and sunny and even warm.  For me this always lifts my mood and makes me feel happier. The problem with the days getting lighter and the sun shining is that it reveals the dirt lurking in your house. When you are out at work all day and return when it is dark you simply do not notice the cobwebs on the ceiling or the dust lurking in the corners of the room. The light evenings reveal every speck of dust. It is time to start Spring cleaning.

Giving your house a spring clean is a big job but when you have finished the house will sparkle, you will have more space and you will feel better. Often the hardest part of the whole job is getting started. I have put together some tips to help you get your spring cleaning done quickly and in the most effective way.


Seven spring cleaning tips

Tackle one room at a time

Instead of trying to do everything at once, break the task down into rooms. Completely finish one room before moving onto the next. When you see how good it looks it will give you motivation to tackle the rest.

Get all the tools ready before you start.

Gather all your cleaning equipment before you start. Place everything into a container so you can carry it from place to place easily. You will need bin bags, microfibre clothes, cleaning sponges, a duster, scrubbers and a range of cleaning products. It is also useful to have a dustpan and brush, vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner handy as well. Having everything ready will allow you to get on with the Spring cleaning quickly without having to search for the correct tools.

Spring cleaning

Start at the top of the room and work down

I looked up the other day and noticed that there were some spider webs hanging from the ceiling. There is often a lot of other dust that gathers at the top of rooms unnoticed. Starting at the top will ensure this is removed. Any dirt that falls to the floor in the process can be removed later. Remove dirt from light fixtures and shades, ceiling fans, curtain poles, book shelves and the tops of books. This can be done with a duster and a damp cloth. Wash down walls to remove any dust that is clinging to them. Curtains should be cleaned to help prolong their life. If they are machine washable this can be done at home, otherwise take them to the dry cleaner. If the curtains have pleats at the top pull them apart before washing to release the dirt.

Clean your windows

The sunshine coming in though the windows reveals all the dirt and smears on them. Cleaning your windows will let more light into your home making it easier to see what you are doing. A solution of one part vinegar to one part water will clean your windows effectively and remove grease. Old newspaper can be used to buff them to a shine. Don’t forget to wipe down windowsills and frames removing any mildew that may have appeared on the surfaces over the winter.

Tackle the furniture

With constant use furniture can start looking a little grubby and worse for wear. With a good clean furniture will look better and be given a new lease of life. Take the time to give all the cushions and pads a good vacuum. Run your hands down the edge of the cushions and back of the sofa and remove any crumbs and dirt that may be lurking. I often find money hiding here as well. An upholstery cleaning product can be used to tackle any bad stains and give the covering a good clean.

Give the floors a good clean

Carpets and lino can get very dirty. If you have a pet muddy paws often track dirt into the house and the wet winter weather can result in ground in dirt making your carpets look worn. A good vacuum will shift most of the dirt but a good steam cleaner will help lift out old stains and make the carpet look much more refreshed. I have been trying out the Vax Steam Fresh Pet which has been brilliant on both carpets and lino, making my floors look much better. It also acts to neutralise pet odour and remove pet hairs. Having a King Charles Spaniel I often find pet hair all over the carpets and the Vax Steam Fresh Pet has given my carpets a new lease of life. When tackling the carpets do not forget to wash the skirting boards and dust behind radiators. Lots of dirt can build up here.

Spring cleaning

Remove clutter

Whilst cleaning you will often come across items that you no longer use or that are so worn they should be thrown out. Take the opportunity to sort out items into piles to bin and to donate or sell.  Be ruthless, anything you never use should go. It is just taking up space in the cupboards. When you have sorted the items into piles then take action.  Bin the pile of items that are no use and giveaway or sell the rest. After the clutter has gone take the chance to reorganise your cupboards and drawers so you can find things easily. It is amazing how good you will feel when you have some space and can find things.

I have already started my spring cleaning and the house is looking much better as a result. Have you started doing yours yet? Do you have any tips to make the job easier? Do let me know.

I was given the Vax Steam Fresh Pet to help me with my spring cleaning.

6 responses to “Seven Spring Cleaning Tips”

  1. Spring cleaning is so therapeutic. But it takes ages! I find it helps to put on some great music and sing along while getting things cleaned and organised. I love how my house looks after a good sort out, it’s worth the effort.

  2. Elinore says:

    You write so well and at the same time help people. I think you should write a book. Thanks for all the helpful tips.

  3. Ellie | Jane Zweibel Blog says:

    Hello Alison, thanks for this blog post, it is very useful to me. It seems I have found it a lot late 🙂 but I guess I can use these strategies any time, so it shouldn’t be a problem :). Every time when I get my hands to spring cleaning I start from the rooms that are on the ground floor and work my way up. Now, I realise that this is actually a big problem, because when you reach the top rooms you are already exhausted and miss things like spider webs and such things. So, thanks for that tip as well and your article as a whole!

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