Sharwoods Wrap Kit Review

September 17, 2012

Sharwoods Wrap KitI love wraps and often find myself making Chicken Fajitas as they are quick and tasty.  Sharwoods wrap kits are slightly different because they offer a range of curry and Chinese wraps. I was interested to try these and see what they are like. The one I tried was a Sharwoods Balti Wrap kit.

Inside the packet you find the wraps, which are Chapatis, a sachet of Balti Seasoning and a sachet of Indian Salsa.

Sharwoods wrap kitYou just need to add meat and vegetables. I chose to use a mix of onions, mushrooms and chicken. I gently fried up the chicken until it was brown then added the onions and mushrooms and continued cooking until they looked ready. Next I added the balti spice and continued cooking until the chicken was evenly covered and cooked though.

Sharwoods Balti WrapsThere was a nice smell coming from the pan at this point. The final stage is to warm the Chapatis though in the microwave for a minute. They can then be placed onto plates and the chicken mixture spooned evenly onto the Chapatis. A dash of the Indian Salsa then completes the dish.

Sharwoods Balti KitThere were enough wraps in the packet to make 8 servings which was plenty for our family of three. I thought it made a quick and easy meal, and the Sharwoods Wraps tasted nice as well. The curry was not to strong which is good as I am not a lover of hot curry and the Indian salsa added a nice tang to the wrap. My husband is a curry lover and he thoroughly enjoyed these and gave them the thumbs up. I wasn’t sure if my son would be keen as he does not always like spicy food but he also enjoyed these.

I liked these and would make them again. They made a nice change and anything that allows me to make a tasty meal quickly when I come in from work gets my vote. The Sharwoods wrap kits come in a number of different flavours. You can get Balti, Tikka, Masala, Jalfrezi, Sweet Chilli and Hoi Sin. You should find them in most supermarkets. There is more information about Sharwoods wrap kits on the Sharwoods website.

Disclosure: I was sent a Sharwoods wrap kit to try but was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

5 responses to “Sharwoods Wrap Kit Review”

  1. Cheryl says:

    I love the way this opens up a whole new range of flavours for fajita lovers

  2. Mmmm looks yummy. I Will have to try . X

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