Staying Hydrated with Highland Spring

December 20, 2016

Do you drink enough water? I have been staying hydrated with Highland Spring and finding out how important it is to drink water.

Over half your body is made up of water. Your body uses water for many things like getting rid of waste, transporting oxygen and other nutrients round the body and helping your digestive system function correctly.  Water helps your body feel its best. It can also help you feel happier and at the top of your game. Recently Highland Spring got in touch to tell me about their Feel Good Challenge. I was challenged to drink more water during the day and see how it made me feel. I was hoping it would make me a better version of myself.

How much water do you drink during the day? When I was little my mum always insisted we drink water at every meal. She called it Duck’s wine. We were always envious of our friends who got bottles of fizzy pop delivered each week. It was exciting visiting our friends and trying different sparkling drinks. Sometimes we even got to return the empty bottles and get some money back for them. These days I do not drink as much water as I should. I drink plenty of tea and fizzy pop but not nearly enough water. Would I be able to add more water into my diet?

Staying Hydrated with Highland Spring

Highland Spring

Did you know that research has shown 66% of Brits don’t feel they drink enough water on a daily basis. This is surprising given how easy it is to source. Did you know that drinking water has a number of health benefits?

When you are hydrated:

  • You are less likely to feel fatigued. Water helps cells complete functions help restore your bodily functions and produce energy to get you though the day.
  • Your skin will be healthier as it is able to rid itself of toxins
  • The ageing process is slowed as your body does not have to work as hard to renew itself

There are many other benefits as well. Drinking water is a simple way to help you feel your best self. Even mild dehydration can effect your physical and mental performance so why risk it?

Feel Good Challenge with Highland Spring

Highland Spring water comes from the Ochil Hills in  Perthshire, Scotland. The word ochil comes from celtic roots and means high. The hills are part of the gateway to the highlands, an area I would love to revisit one day. We did stay in the Highlands a couple of years ago and there is plenty to see.  To help me take part in the challenge Highland Spring sent me some of their water, a mix of still, sparkling and bottles to carry out with me. The smaller bottles are a great size and easy to fit into a bag.

Highland Spring

How to add more water to your diet.

When you are busy it can be difficult to make sure that you drink enough during the day. To ensure I did I made sure I had a couple of bottles of water in the fridge so they were always ready to drink when I wanted them. Water tastes much better cold. Here are some other tips to help you add more water to your day.

  1. Cut a lemon, orange or lime into slices and freeze the slices on a baking tray. When frozen pop them into a bag and store in the freezer. Add a couple of slices to a glass of water to add a hint of lemon or lime to the water. The frozen slice also acts like an ice cube.
  2. When you go out take a bottle of water with you in your bag. You never know when you might feel thirsty and that way you have it to hand.
  3. Keep a bottle of water on your desk at work with a glass. That way you have a drink near without having to walk.
  4. Start and end the day with a glass of water.
  5. Sparkling water is a good substitute for fizzy pop. You get the same effect from the bubbles without the extra sugar.

Highland spring

How did the Feel Good challenge make me feel?

After taking part in the Highland Spring Feel Good  challenge for a month I feel much better. I have a busy life and often struggle to find enough hours in the day to fit everything in. This means I often suffer from fatigue and headaches. Adding more water into my diet has helped me feel much more alert and able to cope with things. It is such a simple change to add into your life. I will definitely be staying hydrated with Highland Spring and drinking more water from now on.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of drinking water Highland Spring’s Happy Hydration article is well worth a read.

Do you drink enough water or are you suffering from the effects of dehydration? Let me know below.

Highland Spring very kindly sent me a supply of water to help me take part in the feel good challenge. This helped me stay hydrated and share my experience.

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  1. Momma Jones says:

    I never drink enough water. I’ve tried to keep a bottle in the bottom of the buggy when I’m out and about, and a pint glass of water with each meal, but it’s amazing how quickly I forget.

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