Taking Photos with a Samsung Galaxy Pro and Android Apps

September 6, 2011

I am a Samsung Mob!ler and my latest mission was to take a series of photographs using my Samsung phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Pro which has a 3 Megapixel camera. It has Autofocus and a range of settings to play with including Single Shot, Beauty Shot, Panorama Shot, Action Shot and Smile Shot.

I took my phone on a walk though the local country park and decided to use both the phone and a range of apps to get a series of photos of my journey. I would normally use my phone when out and about like this, it is always handy to have a phone with a camera to snap those unexpected moments.

This is a scenic view across the country park. I love the way the camera captured the contrast in the clouds, even though I managed to snap a bit too much grass.

These are some shots of berries taken in different lighting conditions

I like the way it has dealt with the contrasts in colours and light and shade to make rather nice photos.The camera also allows you to change the effect from normal to black and white or sepia or a negative effect which is useful, but I decided to try some photography applications to get a range of different effects.

Photography Applications

The one good thing about Android is that if you browse the market place you will find plenty of applications and there are certainly a lot of photography applications out there. Some you have to pay for and some are free, I decided to have a look at some of the free applications out there and see what I could do with my camera.

1. Pudding Camera

This offers a range of different style cameras to choose from which give varying film settings. It is quite fun as its free and you can easily share the results.  The app is easy to use and produces output in three different resolutions.

This is a picture taken using one of the vintage cameras. The output is a little dark but is has a definite spooky vintage effect.  The same photo with a normal camera looks like this:

It is definitely worth playing with as the different cameras produce lots of fab effects.

2. Vignette Demo

This allows you to add film and camera effects to your photos. It has a range of  84 effects and 59 frames to choose from so there will definitely be something for you. These are some pictures I took in the woods using the Vignette camera.

I took the same photo from the same angle with slightly different effects and I really like the colours in the second one.

3. Picsay

This is a photo editiing tool that allows you to add effects and text after the photo has been taken. You can add text, speech bubbles, play around with colours and add different effects. This is a normal photo.

and this is the same photo after I added some distortion

4. Retro Camera

This allows you to take pictures using five different styles of old camera and gives scratching and other vintage effects. These are some photos I took using this camera.

As you can see it is great for vintage retro effects.

It is definitely worth taking your camera phone with you when you are out and about, as you can see you can get excellent photos and tweak them to get interesting effects.

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