Ten Cleaning Hacks To Improve Your Life

November 5, 2015

Life is busy and it is hard to stay on top of the housework. Here are ten cleaning hacks to improve your life and help you keep your house tidy.

If you were to believe social media you could easily believe that everyone lives in a show home. You will have seen the pictures on instagram of beautiful clean kitchens showcasing meals prepared on perfect plates with beautiful accessories. Shots of living rooms show cushions perfectly aligned on pristine sofas.

When you work full time the reality is different. It is not easy keeping on top of the house work, getting meals on the table and making sure everyone has clothes to put on. The pristine photos only show part of the picture; the likelihood is that a pile of junk has been moved to one side to take the shot.

When you have a teenage son and a dog the house can get messy. The dog leaves hair everywhere and muddy paw prints whilst my son has no concept of what a bin is for. I often find sweet wrappers just dropped on the carpet as if he expects them to grow legs and walk to the bin. Fortunately my Vax Air Force 2 Reach vacuum deals effectively with the dog hair, but I would love a Vax Power Pro Dual Carpet Cleaner to really tackle the dirt in the carpets. Muddy paws do tend to leave lots of dirt behind.

King Charles Spaniel

Ten cleaning hacks to improve your life.

When you lead a busy life you are always on the lookout for cleaning hacks to allow you to clean the house efficiently and take less time doing it. I have put together a list of ten cleaning hacks to improve your life and make your house more like a show home.

Keep your cleaning equipment handy

Putting your cleaning equipment into a container that you can carry around the house makes things easier. When you need to clean everything is ready and you don’t need to spend time searching for which cupboard you put the cleaning fluid in.

Container on windowsill containing cleaning products and rubber gloves

Clean as you move round the house.

When you go into a room to do something make and effort to put something away or do a little dusting. That way you are tidying as you go instead of having to clear everything in one big session. In my house there are always things that are in the wrong place and it is easy enough to move them as I go.

Use old toothbrushes

Keep old toothbrushes. They are really useful cleaning tools. You can use them to clean grouting by dipping them in a little bleach and scrubbing. They are also useful for cleaning around and behind taps.

A sink with a toothbrush beside the tap and a bar of soap next to it

Clean the plug quickly

Clean sinks by filling them with hot water and a few drops of bleach. Wearing rubber gloves pull the plug out and turn it upside down. The water can be left to drain slowly and the plug gets a clean at the same time.

Make windows sparkle

Clean windows on a dull day. Sunshine dries them quickly and can leave streaks. Use a mixture of 30ml of white vinegar in water to clean them and dry them with newspaper to leave a streak free finish.

Stop drawers from sticking

One thing that always annoys me is drawers being hard to pull out and sticking. This can lead to the drawer coming apart and needed repairs. To stop drawers sticking rub a bar of soap along the runners.

Clean the microwave easily

To clean a microwave quickly pour boiling water over some chopped up lemons in a microwave safe bowl. Cook in the microwave for five minutes. The lemons will make it smell nice and the steam will loosen the dirt so you can just wipe the microwave clean.

Get rid of flat spots on the carpet

To get rid of flat spots on a carpet that have been made by furniture resting on it, dampen with water and then vacuum with a suction nozzle.

Make pans sparkle

Pans are much easier to clean if you soak them straight away after use. If you have managed to burn something in a pan, soak it in boiling water. If that does not remove all the marks make a paste of baking soda and water and leave for an hour or two. Clean as normal.

Make mops last longer

Rinsing mops with some disinfectant after use will make them last longer and kill any germs that are on the mop head.

Do you have any cleaning hacks you use to make life easier? Do comment and let me know below, I am always looking for ideas.

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5 responses to “Ten Cleaning Hacks To Improve Your Life”

  1. I need to use that bleach tip on my sinks. it has been on my list for a long time.

  2. Galina V says:

    That’s why I never show my kitchen, or people will die of shock. It’s a bit like a cave groaning under the weight of mugs and tea. Why do I always have a fabric background? To hide the clutter, of course. 🙂

  3. Anca says:

    Great tips, I have a powerful vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner and they make my life easier. I will try to wash the windows with vinegar, to see if it looks better.

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