The Biggest Loser Cookbook

January 18, 2012

The Biggest Loser Cookbook In January thoughts start turning towards losing weight after the excesses of Christmas. The Biggest Loser Cookbook is a recipe book that will help you to do this.  It is a book based on the television show on ITV which features overweight contestants who compete to lose the biggest amount and win a cash prize. The regime is not based on crash diets however, it is based on healthy eating and exercise and is a program to help you lose weight and keep it off.

This is the cookbook that accompanies the series. It contains over 100 recipe ideas for calorie counted meals to help you lose weight.  The introduction gives you information about the plan and information on setting targets for weight loss which is really useful. There is also a 14 day meal plan allowing you to plan all the meals for two weeks using recipes from the book with links to the page numbers the recipes are on allowing you to plan your shopping trip. There are also hints from the Biggest Loser trainers Rob Edmond and Charlotte Ord  to help to motivate you. A helpful section on Cheats and Swaps shows you healthy cooking methods and food you can swap to lose calories.

The recipes themselves are divided into six sections that will cover most things you would want to cook.  It starts with Breakfast, then has Salads and Vegetables, Soups and Stews, Fish, Poultry and Meat, Desserts and finally Snacks and Treats. The book is easy to follow and a big bonus for me is that the lunches are mainly soups and salads so I can stick to the eating plan when I am at work at lunchtime. The fact that a comprehensive shopping list is included is also helpful, it makes it easier not to sneak those little extra treats into your shopping trolley.

I tried out a couple of meals from the book to see how easy the recipes were to follow. The first recipe I tried was from the Fish, Poultry and Meat section and was entitled Chicken Curry with Yoghurt (and a kick). With a name like that it had to be tried! The recipe was simple and easy to follow and mine turned out looking pretty much like the one in the book.

Chicken CurryI think my version was slightly runnier than it was meant to be but it still tasted nice and I was happy knowing it had less calories than a standard curry.

The second recipe I tried was from the Salads and Veg section. This one was called Paprika Mushrooms on Toast with a great big salad. I love mushrooms and these looked very nice in the picture. My attempt did not look quite like the picture but they still tasted nice.

I think my mistake was not letting the liquid boil off enough and next time I make them I will know better.

Finally I tried herby, healthy chips which looked appetising in the picture. My version turned out really well and these were very tasty.

Herby Healthy ChipsThe recipes in the book are well set out with pictures that show you what they should look like when they are finished. In fact flicking though the book will set your mouth watering. There is plenty of inspiration for healthy meal ideas and if you follow the meal plan precisely I am sure it will help you lose weight. I think I will try out a few more recipes from the book first to make sure I am confident cooking them and then will try the two week diet plan and see how it goes.


RRP: £12.99

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