The Stonecutter by Camilla Lackberg

January 2, 2011

Set in the small fishing town of Fjallbacka, a young girl is found drowned and caught up in the line of a lobster fishermans net.  Local detective Patrik Hedstrom is assigned to the case. As soon as he sees the body of the young girl he realises it is the daughter of his wife’s best friend Charlotte who is currently living with her husband Niclas and her mother Lilian  and stepfather.

Patrik has his objectivity threatened as his wife Erika has recently had a baby and is struggling. While Patrik is sympathetic he does not really understand how difficult she is finding it to cope. Despite this Erika does all she can to support Charlotte during this hard time.

Post mortum soon reveals that the drowning was no accident and Patrik has to try and find out who murdered Sarah. In tracking down her movements before she died he uncovers a longstanding feud between Lilian and her neighbours.

This is a involving book, which brings out the relationships between the characters in the small town in involving depth. In the course of the investigation a lot of disturbing truths are discovered which will result in changing the town forever. The characters are interesting and you really feel that you are overhead looking in on the conversations.

The ending is unexpected but draws all the carefully woven threads of the story together into a logical conclusion. I would recommend this book and will be looking at reading more books by this author.

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